things i love about my mom...

the view from the new deck at my parents' house

in honor of my mom being one of the first people to read my blog, i wanted to dedicate an entry just to her. my mom is a really special part of my life, and even though we don't live in the same town or talk every day, i am always thinking about her and i love her very much. here are some things i love about my mom:

she is proud to wear her hair natural, and get funky haircuts that make her look awesome.
she works really hard at a job she really loves, and even though i know it's stressful she has never said to me "i don't like my job."
she is as easy to talk to as any of my best friends.
she makes the most amazing stuffing and has a secret ingredient for egg salad.
she comes to visit (just me&her) and we go on fun adventures to big box stores that i can never visit on my own.
she always shows me all the new outfits she's bought since the last time i was home for a visit.
over the past 25 years, she's developed a very unique nickname for me and some very funny iterations of it.
she lets me take my stress out on her house, by re-organizing everything, and she never complains when i try to throw her stuff away.
she tells me she loves me and that she's proud of me, and it means more to me than she probably realizes.
if she buys something she doesn't like, she usually tries to give it to me instead of returning it, because she knows our styles are pretty similar.
she waits until i come home at christmas to decorate the house, because she knows i love to do it.
she gets as excited about coming to visit me as i get about her coming.
she is an amazing inspiration for what it means to be a  
wonderful wife & mother.

I love my mom, and i hope she knows it.

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