a walk in the park

recently we took a walk along the seawall and through stanley park.
the green spaces in vancouver are some of the best in north america!
if you ever come visit, definitely check out this world famous park.

vancouver is so beautiful and unique,
because you can walk from urban center, to beachy ocean, to dark green forest,
all in one afternoon.

 the day was rainy/sunny/windy/rainy
so we had many glorious skies.
when i see the sun peek through
heavy storm & rain clouds,
i always imagine that this is what
must look like.

 this is the start of the seawall,
a 10km (6.6mi) stretch of trail
that runs between the ocean
and the forest
at the west end of downtown vancouver.

in stanley park
there is a plethora of wildlife...
my dad once told us
when we were little
that if we could catch one of the many
canadian geese
that hung out in the park across the street
from our house,
we would eat it for dinner.
we chased them,
but didn't try too hard
because we wouldn't know what to do if we actually caught one.

as soon as we entered the forest,
we were greeted by about half a dozen raccoons
some of whom came quite close to us
and made me very nervous.
they are cute though...

a family had brought bread to feed the birds.
i think the birds liked it.

this is the lagoon in the middle of the forest,
which dante made sure we saw
before we left
(even though i was worried we were lost,
he was confident we'd find it)


  1. Hi Meg! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my quilt post! I like your idea of giving people a little teaser-preview of their gift and then making them wait until later to get there - although your cookie idea would probably help to cushion the blow :D

  2. I love the little racoons!!

  3. oh i love walking around stanley park too! its so much fun to rent bikes to ride the sea wall...lovely photos!

  4. My parents used to live in Victoria, BC. I only had the chance to visit Vancouver once but I loved it immediately. You really live in such a beautiful spot.

  5. hi darling... love the pics!!
    good job!


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