the journey ahead...

everyone is on a journey.
whether you are moving towards
your ideal job,
the perfect relationship,
a fun little family,
or even just trying to find out more about yourself,
you have to keep trying new things.
maybe you'll follow a path that's not right.
maybe you'll reach a dead end.
maybe you'll get off track,
or in the middle of your journey
you'll switch gears
as something else pulls your focus
and changes your motivation.
but no matter where you go,
or where you end up,
the journey is life itself.
so never fret about what's going to happen years from now,
and whether you make the decision that's going to alter your life
because the paths you take now
should be right for you now.
and if you find you need to change your course,
it's okay to do that.
i feel like i'm on many journeys,
and i always have to remember to keep moving,
whether i'm moving forward...
...or just moving where my heart takes me.  

photos from weheartit


  1. Hi Meg!

    You have a wonderful blog! You use so many wonderful photos! I especially like the "dead end" one in this post! Also, it is nice to meet you too!


  2. such an inspiring post! thank you :)

  3. sometimes i find i can't move on because i will make a hasty decision that i will regret afterwards! thank you for those wonderful words!

  4. I just discovered your blog and it is so lovely ! I'm completely in awe :)

  5. that was really beautiful :)

  6. your blog is beautiful :)
    i love this post, it's so inspirational and really helpful.
    i showed it to my mum and it's really helped her, thank you!

  7. Anonymous7/10/10

    These words of wisdom are exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for posting them - nearly a year ago!! I've lately been struggling with reading the road map of my life's journey, and these words have helped me see my map more clearly.
    I'm very happy I discovered your blog!! It's lovely to "meet" you!


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