marriage inspirations

i've been thinking a lot about our marriage lately,
and how to make it the best that it can be.
it's a slow process to adjust to the mindset that
you've now made a vow to be with this other person forever,
and that is the most important thing.
i came into our marriage with this mindset,
but sometimes it's easier said than done.

luckily paul & i have some very good role models
when it comes to successful marriages.
we are so blessed that both his parents & mine
have been married for 28 years,
and both sets of parents are still
so happy together.

paul's parents seem to have a great mindset about
keeping their own interests and personalities
even though they are married
and have been for such a long time.
mom-in-law does fitness classes and enjoys time with her friends,
dad-in-law loves music;
he heads up the music at their church,
and spends a lot of time with his admirable collection
of music equipment at home.
they have many wonderful traditions in their marriage & their family,
like cooking an amazing sunday brunch together
and attending midnight mass on christmas eve
and having a wonderful feast afterwards!
they go to church together and take walks
in their neighborhood together on a regular basis.

my parents have the most amazing realationship of anyone i know.
they still act like newlyweds,
they have nicknames for each other that go back thirty years,
and they don't hesitate to show each other affection in the form of
a hug & kiss in the kitchen
or an "i love you" on the phone,
and a phone call just because.
 i've never heard them raise their voices at each other,
or approach any situation with anything other than
love and respect for one another.
both my mom and dad have given me
such great advice about compromise
and what it means to have a happy marriage,
and i know that they both have put their hearts & souls
into their marriage
because they love each other so very much.

sometimes when we were planning the wedding,
it was hard to remember that the importance wasn't on
the one day that you were putting all the effort into...
the important thing is the marriage that comes afterwards
and the wedding day will mean nothing
if you don't continue to put just as much effort
into loving and honoring each other
every day of your lives together
and making sure that your marriage is always a happy one
~full of fulfillment, caring, and love~
for both people involved.

we're so lucky to have such inspiration when it comes to
having a successful marriage
and i hope paul and i
can be just as happy as our parents
when we have been married for 28 years.
for now we'll concentrate on our first year,
because we're not even four months in.
but i have a good feeling about us.
we're learning every day,
and every day we fall more in love with each other.
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  1. thanks for the inspiring post megan! i am so thankful to have my parents as role models as well - they've been married 26 years :)

  2. what a great post!
    I'm really looking forward to being married some day. My parents have been married for over 30 years! M's more skeptical on marriage because his parents have been broken up since he was about 3...but I know the two of us can make it work.

  3. I just got engaged last month! I love this post and your great outlook on marriage! :)

  4. This post made my eyes water a little! I only hope for such a happy marriage someday. My parents split up 2 years ago.


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