the most important thing...

i have been a little down
this past week
because with my birthday coming up
and having to work on Saturday
i realized i wasn't going to have enough time
to visit with my family
over in victoria
for my birthday weekend
like i have always done.
but luckily for me
my dad & brother
(who is only in town from Montreal for a few days)
decided at the last minute
to have a little adventure
and come to vancouver to see me!
we had a great time
walking around my neighborhood
and downtown,
visiting shops
(i went in a shoe store
while they went in a music equipment store)
and having a wonderful afternoon.
then they dropped me off at work
and headed on their long journey home.
i am so touched that they came over just for me,
and it was a nice reminder
that family is the most important thing.
as much as i love living here in vancouver,
i miss everyone in my victoria family very much
so spending time with them on my birthday
made my day absolutely wonderful.
photo from here

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