story of a weekend...

I spent a lovely & eventful weekend
visiting with family & friends
& thoroughly enjoying myself.

was my birthday,
and i spent the morning with paul
and the afternoon with my dad
& my littlest (although he is now grown up and in university) brother
and then met paul after a short shift at work
for drinks and dinner at one of my favorite restaurants

i worked in the morning,
and had originally planned to head to victoria
but those plans fell through
& so i had a quiet afternoon
reading & watching movies
before meeting some friends
for an impromptu
belated birthday drink

marty & julia were here
after julia's sister's wedding
and we all slept in...
after they left, i stayed in my pj's as long as possible
and made yummy breakfast
and watched movies & napped during the day

all in all
it ended up being a wonderful
relaxing weekend
and i am very happy
to have had family & friends 
to spend it with.

now on to another week!
this is our last week of classes,
so soon i'll get to work all days
and enjoy dinners
with my husband
and relaxing evenings
or fun adventure evenings
(depending on my mood).
all photos from here 


  1. yay for weekends! it was so lovely to see you again. i wish we could have spent more time together...


  2. happy belated birthday megan!! glad to hear you had such an enjoyable and relaxing weekend :) those are the best.


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