What I've Learned So Far About Being Married

*it's okay to hang out together but still be doing your own thing*

*one of the most fun things about sharing all your money...
...is deciding how to spend your grocery budget*

*winning fights is not the most important thing*

*sometimes you can't tear yourself away...
...no matter what else is going on in the world*

*as a matter of fact, winning the fight is pretty much the least important thing*

*bliss is when you fall asleep together and wake up together and know...
...that you're each the person the other one wants to be waking up next to*

*even when you wake up looking like an insane person*

*who knew you could pass hours just making each other laugh?* 

*having traditional gender roles in a marriage is okay...
...as long as you are each happy to be in them*

*knowing that someone made a choice and a declaration to be with you forever...
...really gives you a lot of trust that this person isn't going anywhere* 

*and that's a good feeling*

*especially when you want to talk about having babies and you know...
...that now he's okay with talking about it too*

*learning to communicate well is way harder than you think it's going to be*

*someone now shares your life...
...big decisions (and even medium-sized ones) should be made together* 

*mini after-lunch-cuddle-sessions are pretty much the best thing on the planet* 

*there is still so much to learn about this person you think you know so well*

*compromise is key*

*and hey, you never knew that a godfather poster and a purple ikea lamp...
...would work together in the same space*

*it's important to remember who "you" are...
...as well as who "we" are*

*knowing you have a partner & a friend in everything you do...
...is a wonderful feeling*
our wedding favors, photo from here


  1. Lovely! :D I'm not married yet, but I do live with my boyfriend and I completely agree with so much of what you just said. xx

  2. :) this made my heart smile. marriage is truly a beautiful gift. thanks for this post!

  3. This is beautiful and every bit true! Being married is...although frustrating at times (making decisions together)...WONDERFUL!

  4. This is just the sweetest thing. I'm so glad I found your blog!


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