wishing for snow

although i do adore the rain
(which you know if you've read my many posts about it)
i'm a little sick of it today.
i've been perusing photos online
and my eye has gravitated towards scenes
of wintery wonderland.
it hardly snows here in vancouver,
but when it does, it's gorgeous.

here are some photos i took last year of our campus in the snow...

the first building i ever had class in

benches outside the science student center

our beautiful new library

our oldest library, undergoing major renovations

students on their way to class...

a beautiful snow covered tree.

oh snowy days, please come back soon!


  1. well i don't know if you want snow when you have to shovel every single day until way after christmas! you should come over here. we just got a nice dump of snow this morning!

  2. I love snow too! Can't wait to live somewhere that its a possibility! In LA there is not a chance!


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