100th Post Giveaway!

(vancouver lit by fireworks, from *here*) 
as i promised
i am hosting my first giveaway
in honor of my 100th post!

i am giving away a half-pound bag of
delicious vancouver

because i have an incredible amount of pride in my city,
i wanted to give you the chance to try something local.

blenz is a vancouver-based coffee company,
and their first store opened way back in 1992 on robson street
(right in downtown vancouver)
the beans i have chosen for you are called "gastown blend"
which is named after one of the oldest neighborhoods in vancouver,
famous for its steam clock that blows off steam every hour.

since starting my blog,
i have noticed that many of you are
university students,
new professionals,
new parents,
and it seems to me that most of you love coffee...
almost as much as i do.

to enter... 
leave a comment on this post,
telling me where you're from
so i can get to know you all a little bit better.

for an extra entry,
become an official follower of my blog
*if you're already one of my followers, you get an extra entry too*
*because i reward loyalty like that*
and if you want to blog or tweet about my giveaway,
comment with a link and you'll get another entry!

i know many of you don't blog over the weekend,
so i'll keep this contest open until the end of tuesday
and announce the winner on wednesday.
please make sure you include in your comment a way
for me to get in touch with you
(blog address, email address, etc...)

thanks everyone for supporting my new little blog.
i love this new hobby, and have met so many amazing people already.
i hope to be able to continue blogging for hundreds more posts!

happy winning!


  1. I friend! Im a follower and am form California....I came across your blog after you found mine :) xoxo.. PS Im a coffee junkie <3

  2. I love coffee and could always use more! I found your blog because you found mine and left me a comment. Thanks for the great giveaway Meg!

  3. And I'm also a follower!

  4. Ahh, this is the best giveaway. Mmm, coffee! I'm a follower from Ontario, Canada :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Coffee?? Did I read coffee? :) I'm not sure if you'd send to New Zealand, if it happened to be me.

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  6. I'm a follower... but do you accept international coffee lovers in your lovely giveaway ? =)

  7. just stumbled upon your blog and i'm obsessed

  8. hi all,
    in case you were wondering, yes international shipping is fine by me! good luck :)

  9. Hi Meg, The name of your blog makes complete sense now! =)
    I don't remember when I started following, but I think it was after a comment of yours on Toothfairy's blog caught my attention. I think! I'm in Washington, DC and it's freezing here tonight. A cup of coffee would be good!

  10. congrats on your 100th post! that coffee would taste delicious while sitting on my california deck. but it would taste even more delicious if you came and visited yourself :)

    ps - i'm a loyal fan and follower.

  11. oooo, i would love to try some Vancouver coffee!

    i am from Rochester, Michigan :)

  12. Hi! I'm from Orlando, Florida. Just discovered your blog and already love it.


  13. LOOVVEEE coffee. Life...blood...

    I'm in Colorado now, lived in NYC for 3 years, went to school in MA, spent a random winter in Maine (why??), and am originally from NH.

  14. Greetings from Down Under! =)

    I probably won't be able to win the giveaway (due to customs!) just dropping by again to say hi! lol

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  15. Wonderful! What a delightful blog!

  16. Please count me in!! What a great giveaway.


  17. Yay! I love coffee (a little too much)! Your blog is so cute. I'm glad you found mine so that I was able to see yours!

  18. ooh - I was a big fan of Blenz when I was in Vancouver for a conference - was there quite awhile taking advantage of the free internet :)

    I live in Chicago, and stumbled on your blog somehow as I started exploring blogs for inspiration after finally starting my own. Your blog is very cute! I also was excited to see you have a science background - hooray for women in science :)

  19. oooh exciting! i've never had canadian coffee! xo

  20. I'm from Los Angeles but I really want to go to Vancouver! My company has an office there so I hope I get to visit one day...

  21. Ummmm! I am so addicted to coffee and I MUST win this!! Just moved back home to San Diego from WA state. We went to Butchart Gardens in Victoria a few years ago! Breathtaking!! I am also a new stalker..I mean follower :)


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