birthday love!

yesterday was paul's birthday.
he insisted on opening his gifts right at midnight,
and we had the guys over in the evening for a
friendly poker tournament.
i made yummy vanilla and chocolate cupcakes
(unfortunately just out of a box, but they were still tasty)
which the boys devoured
and presented dante with a book of birthday coupons
which he can use throughout the year
for things like...

two hours of playing loud music 
(without any complaints from me!)

one homemade dinner & dessert 
(his choice of meal)

one morning of cuddling 
(usually i jump out of bed as soon as i wake up)

i love you and i hope you had a marvellous birthday!
you still look young and handsome
even if you're a year older,
and i'm so glad i get to be here to celebrate with you.

love love love!
images from weheartit


  1. Anonymous11/12/09

    Thanks Babe. It was a great night. Getting older is a lot easier to do with someone as beautiful, and wonderful as you to grow old with.

  2. so sweet! My husbands b-day in on Christmas, so its always hard to make it special for him ... I think I'm going to steal your coupon book idea though!

    Your blog is lovely!

  3. so cuuuute =) you guys are adorable.

  4. happy bday to yo man. I love the look and feel of your blog, really nice vibe to it. and thanks for stopping by the claw!

  5. Happy birthday! What a fun way to celebrate :)

  6. aww adorable :3 and happy birthday to Dante!

  7. What a great couple! Happy birthday to the hubby and kudos to you. =)

  8. Sounds like such a fun birthday! Happy birthday Dante!

  9. Awwww, so sweet!!! Happy Birthday to Dante!!! And I love his comment to you!!! :-)

  10. The coupon book is such a great idea!

  11. aww! a very blessed birthday to your hubby! and that birthday coupon idea? VERY INGENIOUS (: xo

  12. It's pretty awesome that his name is DANTE.

    He can carry around that Dante's Inferno and point to it all the time.

    Nice blog, btw!!

  13. Anonymous12/12/09

    too cute!

  14. You have a cute, lovely blog! I love the photos, the cupcakes look delicious (even if they were out of a box).

    Bloglove! :P

  15. Mmm I love vanilla and chocolate cupcakes!


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