goodbye year

i am not sad to say goodbye to 2009.
although it was a year of much happiness and excitement...

*getting married*
*traveling to europe* 
*graduating from university*
*moving into our gorgeous apartment together*

...it was also a year of stress and uncertainty...

*difficulties with my internship*
*having trouble finding a full time job*
*struggling with being way less busy than last year*
*feeling uncertain about the future of my professional life*
 *planning the wedding (which was only stressful sometimes!)*  

...and i am excited to let these things go,
which have been weighing me down this year,
and begin looking forward to a new and wonderful year which will include...

*our first full year of marriage*
*getting healthy and running a 10km race this year after some time off*
*focusing on my future and making myself feel happy and fulfilled*
*moving into a new apartment (and maybe a new city!)*
*(hopefully) starting a teaching program*
  *working on developing my hobbies and skills*
 *actually settling in somewhere for more than a year*
*new additions to our extended families (babies and new sisters... yay!)* 

...so, goodbye 2009...

bring on 2010!


  1. happy new year! sounds like your 2010 is going to be awesome!

  2. wishing you much bliss and love in 2010!

  3. Happy New Year!!! May you be blessed with a 2010 that is happy, healthy, prosperous, and filled with dreams come true!!! :-)

  4. Happy New Year!!!!
    PS:love the first picture!

  5. Anonymous1/1/10

    haha sounds like u dd lots of stuff. have a great day.


  6. Anonymous1/1/10

    Happy Happy New Year ~ I'm looking forward to becoming better blogging buddies in 2010 ~

    Best wishes in the new year ~
    cara @ City Girl Chicago

  7. Well done on your achievements of 2009! All the best for this year, a 10km race, wow! :)

    I like the rainbow colours of this post.

  8. Anonymous2/1/10

    Welcome 2010! I hope you have an amazing year!

  9. Happy 2010! Looks like you have a great list set for the new year!


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