a little common courtesy

i like to think that one of my best traits is my polite, friendly manner.
i feel that i am very good at helping people
feel comfortable in awkward situations
and that i have a very pleasant way of dealing with not so pleasant situations.
and i enjoy figuring out solutions and helping people to my fullest ability
when they ask me for assistance.
of course, if through your actions you become someone who i don't feel
deserves my polite kindness,
i can be pretty cantankerous, sarcastic, and unhelpful as well...
but usually i'm just plain nice.

well, i think i'm nice.

but lately i've had a few experiences with some people
who just seem to have horrible manners
and no instinct towards politeness or pleasantness at all.
and after an incident today,
i thought i'd share it and a few others with you.

there was the woman who emailed me today
to let me know that my extended health benefits have finally kicked in
(which is actually inaccurate, i'm still unable to sign into the online database)
and when i emailed back with a query about
the prescription that i had to fill yesterday
(and was wondering whether it would be covered
since my coverage only kicked in today
but was supposed to start on december 1st)
she emailed back


just like that...
all capitals,
no greeting,
no "in response to your inquiry..."
i felt like she was yelling at me.
this was actually the first instance where all caps
actually gave me the impression of yelling!
and it was not nice.

our bus system allows people to get on the back doors of the bus
if you already have a pass or a transfer.
there are sometimes problems with this because
pushy vancouverites don't feel like waiting for everyone to get off the bus
before they start cramming themselves on.
but in my case, i waited patiently at the front of a long line of passengers
waiting to board through the back door
for the stream of exiting passengers to end
before i stepped up into the bus.
then a slow-moving woman came up and stood right in front of me
in her belated attempt to exit the bus
and proceeded to yell at me for thirty seconds about how impatient i was being.
except she hadn't even gotten up out of her seat
until i made a move to get on the bus.
so i looked at her with a mixture of disbelief and faintly masked humor
until she stopped yelling.
then i stepped down off the bus and said
"there you go"
and allowed her to get off.

walking along the street with dante one afternoon,
i was shocked to hear a man yell at a jay-walking woman
who was obviously a stranger to him,
"great! see you when you get out of the hospital!"
as if her jay-walking had personally offended him
and he felt it was his duty to correct her behaviour.
i'm glad he hadn't yelled it at me
because i would probably have been so shocked
that my concentration would have been shot
and i would have gotten hit by a car.


i don't really see the point
in being rude
when you could just be nice
and make someone's day better
instead of worse.
unless they really deserve it.

hopefully you agree :)
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  1. Anonymous14/12/09

    Hi! Similar experiences with people being impatient have occurred with me and I find them to be rather humorous as you say you felt with the lady on the bus. Such chaos I tell you... Such chaos in Vancouver!

  2. oh im with you all right! rude people get under my nerves like no other..and then I morph from a reasonable, sweet young lady to an incredibly sarcastic, bitchy one...and then after the entire incident i end up feeling guilty! haha

  3. i laughed out loud on that last one. are you for real? some people just don't know manners!

  4. I completely agree... and being nice is so much easier, too!

  5. I agree 100%! If those rude people tried being polite they could end up making their own day better too.

    I've noticed it's getting harder for me to ignore rudeness. I don't get upset about it, but I end up saying something like, "gee, how thoughtful of you" and then I chuckle. So far no one has responded when I do that.

  6. I agree with what you say. I don't see the point in being nasty or rude to people, after all, you wouldn't want to be treated that way, yourself.

    I also think it's lovely how people still say 'thank you' to bus drivers as they get off! :)

  7. I felt a mixture of disbelief, amusement and peevishness when I got a reply from an e-mail inquiring about permission for something.

    I had included the phrase "you guys."

    The reply was a brief...

    "No 'guys' here to give you permission. Suggest you improve grammar, especially when asking for a favour."

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you!!! I just don't get what people think they gain from being mean and rude to others. It is sad, really, that our world is like this.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my place!! I am with you girl for sure! I hate rude people who want to vomit their meanness on everyone else..UGH!!And the description of yourself makes me wanna stalk your blog by the way!

  10. People get so crazy!!!! Especially during the holidays. There is definitely some extra nuttiness around here.

  11. My favorite preacher went to school with an amazing man of God, and when my pastor asked the preacher one day what was the greatest thing he learned from him this was his reply, "He taught me that it never hurts to be nice." That has stuck with me since! It's so true. I've also found out that you never know what it can do to another person just to be nice to them. It may be one of the worst days of their life, and just a kind smile can go so far! I gave a road worker a smile the other morning, and it is amazing at how shocked he was that I smiled and waved. It was so early, so I guess he just wasn't use to people being happy! hehe I really enjoyed this post, not so much the fact that people are so rude, but just the fact that it can make us realize that it's best to just be nice! :D

    *Thanks for the kind comment on my blog by the way!*


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