my lost love for yoga

i'm not sure if i remember my first yoga class.
i think it may have been at the esquimalt rec center
in victoria
where i had a 2-month membership with my friend G
the summer before i moved to vancouver.
or it could have been at the drop in classes at gold's gym
(where i paid way too much for a membership that i didn't use nearly enough)
but regardless of exactly where or when i started,
the truth is that i love yoga.

yoga makes me feel so peaceful inside.
it makes me feel in touch
with my body
and my mind.
after a good yoga session,
i feel strong and healthy...
physically and emotionally.
yoga gives me confidence,
makes me stand up straighter,
and helps me to live in the moment
and enjoy every bit of life.

but this year, in the midst of
planning a wedding,
moving three times,
getting depressed about not being able to find a job,
then finding a job but working such strange hours
that i didn't feel i could establish any sort of fitness routine,
i lost yoga.
the unfortunate part is that during all these stressful things
is when i should have been doing the most yoga.
but what's done is done,
and now i'm so happy
because i just signed up for a twice a week yoga class
starting in january
through the wellness program at work.
i can't wait to start!

i'm definitely not at this stage (yet),
but one of the reasons i love yoga is because it's not about
being the best
or most stretchiest
or learning the craziest poses...
it's about being you
and being the best you that you can be.
that's something i definitely want to accomplish.

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  1. Anonymous3/12/09

    I love yoga -- it is such a peaceful thing!

  2. Does yoga also help you to sleep at night?

  3. I loved yoga when I did it and I've been looking at some classes to get back into it.

  4. i've read a few blog posts lately about the benefits of yoga. i just might have to try it sometime!

    good for you for getting back into it!


  5. I really want to try yoga-- especially hot yoga-- it sounds amazing.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog =)

    I love your list of 25 things- I would love #6 too =P I'm in the process of doing #25 as well!

    God Bless,

    Liv <3


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