new beginnings...

the new year is right around the corner...
and as you all probably know,
i love new beginnings.
i have countless journals which have been started on new year's day
as well as many plans to
become a better student
improve my health
try a new hobby
and all those other new year's plans that we all seem to make
and have such a hard time keeping.

i think it's good to at least try
to make a new beginning
every once in awhile,
and that's why new years are important.
they give you motivation to try new things
and make your life the best it can be.

even though you don't always stick with the goals you make,
it's a good reminder to never stop reaching and trying
to be the person you want to be.

this year,
i am going to try to be happier with myself,
and to develop some habits that truly make me happy, like...

regular yoga practice & runs several times a week

staying in better touch with my family and friends

being more conscious of what i'm eating
and how it affects me


spending every moment of my life
in a way that will make me feel happy and fulfilled

what changes would you like to make for 2010?


  1. all of these you have listed are definitly on my list of new years resolutions!! i love new beginnings...so excited for the new year! :)

  2. Great post! We need to be real with ourself...just making a goal is one step closer :) Ha ha! I know what you mean about the journals...I am so good in the beginning of the year and then I become "distracted"! Happy New Year!

  3. Those are great goals! Happy New Year

  4. yay for new beginnings although i have just gotten comfortable in my situation and now its going to change again. your so brave!

  5. I am definitely on board the "be more healthy" bandwagon. And with my new wii fit, I'm EXCITED to get started!

  6. i absolutely love new years! it's a time to really think about the past year and make appropriate changes to make the next year even better.
    thanks for sharing.
    my #1 goal for 2010....
    don't accept no when you need a yes. there's always a way!


  7. Yoga Ive done that is actually great way to relax as long as you dont get yelled at by the instructor for texting but relaxing none the less

  8. Good resolutions!
    I like yours but i don't make any, at least not at the beginning of the year.
    I am just trying to be the best and the kindest person I can be: that's an every day battle.
    It is so easy to let anger and resentment win...

  9. thanks for the inspiring post meg! i'm with you on being happier with myself - i'm adding that one to my list :)

    also, thanks for the fantastic Vancouver coffee. i shared it with my family and we all loved it!!


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