a piece of me in december

there is a game that my (blog) friend
it's called "a piece of me"
and i've decided to join in.

here is a piece of me
this month: 

i like... 
classical music that makes me think of christmas,
my cozy grey sweater/housecoat that's perfect to wear
for beginning and ending the day,
and turning on the lamps in the house when it gets dark 

i don't like... 
when people talk too loudly into their cellphones on the bus
when my planner gets messy because i don't take the time to write nicely in it,
and throwing away old birthday/christmas/graduation cards, even if there is no room to keep them

i want you to know... 
that i'm so happy for all the lovely support i've gotten through this blog since i began writing it. whether it's about the confusion i'm having over my future, not knowing what to wear to work, or being sick this weekend, you are all so lovely and considerate to comment and make me feel so happy!

i've planned... 
to have a christmas open house and make a new year's eve feast this year. they will be our first major entertaining events as a newly married couple, and i'm very excited to start cooking and baking up some fancy foods!

i want to say to someone special... 
to my great-grandmother (nanny) you are so amazing and an inspiration for all the women in our family. we are strong and full of life because of you. i love hearing your stories and spending time with you! 

i hope you enjoyed sharing a piece of me...
now i'm off to finish making some christmas presents! 
image from weheartit


  1. A very special "piece of me" post! So many great things to have in your life and wonderful future happenings to look forward to (Christmas and New Year festivities sound divine)!

  2. I like this! Its very cute, I may borrow it one day soon if that's okay? :)

  3. What a sweet post. We have lots of the same likes and dislikes! Thanks for sharing a little piece of yourself. :-)

  4. This is beautiful! I love this idea. I look forward to reading more.

  5. I like this pic!!!beautifuuul!!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. what a beautiful post...thank you meg!

  8. Anonymous9/12/09

    I love lamp light so much more than overhead lighting!


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