portrait of a (sniffly) weekend...

i hope you spent a lovely and restful weekend.

i, unfortunately, got sick this weekend.
so i spent most of today recovering,
which for me meant...
(it was actually chocolate frosting... on a spoon,
which was good for my mood, but maybe didn't help the cold so much)


herbal tea

and lots of sex & the city
(most of season six to be exact)

i managed to make it out for dinner on friday night
with some girlfriends
before i got too sick,
and after all the resting today
i was well enough for a lovely impromptu dinner with my parents
to celebrate dante's birthday (coming up this week!)
i'm going to bed early tonight in the hopes that i'll be well tomorrow for...
christmas shopping!
i'm hoping that starting early and shopping on a weekday will avoid the crowds
and allow the day to be relatively pleasant and stress free.
it can't hurt that we'll start the day out with a nice brunch at one of our
favorite neighborhood brunch places :)

i hope you enjoy your monday!
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  1. Hope you feel better--and that you were pampered over the weekend!

  2. The brunch plate looks delicious ! I'm hungry now ;-)
    I hope you feel better today, nothing like SATC and tea to fight a cold !

  3. Sorry you were sick, but SATC is a great way to relax!

  4. Chocolates, tea and SATC, the best way to spend the weekend! :)

    Hope you are feeling better!

  5. Anonymous8/12/09

    Chocolate is the best cure :)

    Hope you're feeling better.


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