mastering the art of reading about french cooking

ok i'll admit it...
i'm a little scared of cookbooks.
i have a lovely collection of marvellous cookbooks,
which has grown quickly thanks to all the generous women in my life
and i love to read over them,
to skim through them,
to daydream about all the beautiful recipes i could make.
but for the most part,
i haven't really used them.
not yet anyway...
because i'm scared of the preparation,
the pre-planning (to make sure i have all the ingredients),
the techniques,
and i don't want the things i make to turn out wrong!

that's all about to change!
i made a vow tonight to find three new recipes i could try out next week.
i'll read over the recipes, make a list of the ingredients i'll need,
and pick up everything during our grocery shop this weekend.
then i'll be all set.
no more excuses.

so, i'm about to cozy up with a mug of cocoa
and my first cookbook of choice...
julia child's
mastering the art of french cooking.
i figure i'd better give it a try,
since probably everyone else in north america already has!


  1. Wahooooo! Do it! Do it! Imagine all the delicious things that you could possibly make, even if at first they don't turn out perfect, i'm sure they will still be delicious!
    And you know what, you've inspired me to cook also! Maybe we should both cook something and post it on our blogs and tag each other.
    It will be a kind of inspiration!
    I'm not much of a cook either, so should be interesting...what do you say?

  2. Once you get the hang of it you'll do great and you'll get better and better! When I started cooking a lot it was ok, but over the years I've gotten really really good at it ;) It just takes practice. Just a word of advice, when you make a recipe, if you don't like how it turns out, write what you didn't like about it on a sticky and keep it in the book on the recipe. Sometimes it's the recipe and not you! Have you seen Julie & Julia? Such a cute movie!!

  3. That's a really good plan! My sister & I started collecting favorite recipes from magazines, so we have made our own little cook book. We take out the recipes we want when we go grocery shopping. Of course we haven't mastered doing this all the time, because sometimes ramen noodle is just fine for me.

  4. nice! I got Julia Child's cookbook for Christmas and am a bit intimidated to use it... be sure to post how your attempts turn out!

  5. I've been meaning to pick this up and read it to. Perhaps I'll go find a bookstore on my lunch break and just do it! Good luck... or should I say bon chance!!

  6. Anonymous28/1/10

    u shud do it (: most dfntly yes i think ud be great. (:


  7. yay make your best friend some french food too!!! xxoo

  8. I love cookbooks too. I used to make a menu every week from my cook book collection and then get the groceries for all the meals during the weekend. But as of late I have been so busy I have been winging it a bit. Reading this post made me miss my cook books. You should share what recipe you try first I'd love to hear.

  9. Good luck! After reading Julie & Julia, I'm kinda sorta inspired to pick up cooking, but the prospect is so daunting I inevitably wind up microwaving instead. ;)

  10. Good luck! Im sure you'll be amazing! I just wish I could do the taster test though ._. nd good luck on the giveaway Meg! :D

  11. How fun! Seeing that movie makes me want the book so bad!


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