movies that rock: whip it


happy monday!
i've decided to start a new section in my blog,
it's called

movies that rock.

paul is a huge movie buff,
and as such i end up watching
(although sometimes i put up quite the fuss first)
a lot of movies that i may never have heard of otherwise.
old movies, foreign movies, independant movies...
you should see the stuff he comes up with.
now as i mentioned before,
sometimes i can't handle it and i fall asleep in the first half hour.
but sometimes the movies he picks are fantastic,
and i want to share the amazing movies we discover
with you!
i wrote my first movie review awhile ago
(see it here)
but to officially start this section,
i'm writing about a movie that i chose
(occasionally i do get to choose the movies around here),
and i'm recommending that you all see

this is drew barrymore's directorial debut,
and it stars canadian up-and-coming star
ellen page
who, in my opinion,
is incredible.

the movie is about a high school girl
who is trying to find her niche
and becomes involved with a rollerderby team
where she finds she is actually happy and excelling at something.


the movie features realistic performances
hilarious lines
a little love story
strong female friendships
and awesome shots of women's rollerderby in action.

i left this movie feeling exhilarated,
as if i can do anything i set my mind to,
and wanting to start playing competitive dodgeball again
(which i guess was my equivalent to rollerderby)

so go watch whip it
if you're in the mood for some girl power
and an overall good time.


  1. i am so gonna see it:)
    and btw I nominated you for an award on my blog:) x

  2. I wanted to see that when it came out and then I forgot all about it!

  3. Anonymous11/1/10

    I like your idea, and look forward to reading some of your movie reviews on a regular basis ~ Thanks for sharing Whip It with us!

  4. Anonymous11/1/10

    this movie is the bomb haha i love it (:


  5. I was in town, and a girl on rollerskates came by to hand me a flyer for this- my friend and I would've gone to see it, but the times weren't convenient.

    That's awesome that you've given it a good review!

  6. oh i've been meaning to see this and NOW i just have to!!!

  7. oh i can't wait for it to come out here! (: xo

  8. I've wondered about this movie...def will check it out now. Thanks for the heads up!

  9. I haven't seen this one yet. But I do so heart me some Drew!

  10. I'm such a movie fanatic so I can not wait to see your little section of "movies that rock"
    I am really looking forward to seeing Whip It. I can't believe I havn't, yet, because I love Ellen!



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