wednesday insight

life moves pretty fast.
if you don't stop and look around once in awhile,
you could miss it.
~Ferris Bueller~

we're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us
that we don't take the time to enjoy where we are.
~Calvin and Hobbes quote~

i've been spending a lot of time lately looking forward towards 
*owning a house*
*finding a permanent job i love*
*having babies*
and i am realizing that it's been taking a toll on how i feel
about where i am right now.
right now in my life, i'm enjoying some new freedoms
*doing what i want in the evenings instead of studying*
*living (finally!) with my true love*
*having time to pursue the hobbies that really make me happy*
*only having two bills to pay each month*
but i've been so busy looking towards what my life will be one day,
and lamenting how today falls short of these goals
that i keep forgetting to live in this moment
and be happy with what i have now.

dante tells me i am a "grass is greener" type of person
*when i was in school, i wished i wasn't
but now that i'm out, i wish i could go back*
*when i have some time off work,
i get bored and wish i was back at the office,
but when i'm at work i wish i could be doing nothing at home*
and that's something i definitely need to work on.

even though my new life is sometimes scary,
and it's not perfect,
life is what it is right now,
and it's important to remember to be in this life now
or it's not really living at all.

being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.
it means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.


  1. meg, thanks for sharing. how true it is. let this moment be.♥

  2. I have seen Banksy's work only in photographs and books, I really do wish to see them in person, one day! I love his artwork.

    I do think that it's important to live in the moment, and enjoy things as they are... we do tend to get so caught up in planning, the future, and what happens, that we may neglect to enjoy the present.

    Yay for living in now!

  3. you're right, meg. couldn't be more true. i'm going to go chew on those thoughts for a while...

  4. "you are responsible for your own happiness"
    --I LOVE that quote! it is so true, and we forget so often that our moods are (more or less ;P) in our own power. Our outlook definitely is. I am still in school, still living 100's of miles away from my love, and have no idea if/when/what I am going to do with my life...but I also try really hard to enjoy and appreciate the freedoms and control over my own time that I have at this stage of life!

  5. Aside from the Bible, I think I gleaned most of my wisdom from Calvin and Hobbes. Ha.

    I like the post because I'm very much like that too - always fretting and waiting for the future.

  6. Anonymous13/1/10

    well said hun ive been trying to stay on the positive side this whole week. love this post (:


  7. Anonymous13/1/10

    Great post! It's so easy to get a case of the "one days" but this moment is our life so we have to enjoy it!

  8. I love theseee :)

    love always,
    Breckenridge Clare

  9. I really loved this post.


    Live it, it's gone before you know it!

  11. I really need to work on this too, and I'm defintely a "grass is greener" type of person. Great post!

  12. I feel the same way...like I'm plowing through the weeks with my eyes set on "tomorrow" and not enjoying "today" :(


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