an evening in

dante's out with the boys,
so i'm enjoying a quiet evening in.
on the agenda...

a ridiculously girl-oriented movie

mmm... chocolate cupcakes

a pedicure and pink polish

and an attempt at re-installing all the applications on my mac
after restoring it to factory settings
with season three of sex and the city playing in the background...
luckily, aidan will distract me
from the pain that is re-setting up my laptop!
(he was always my favorite)

...should be an interesting night!


  1. girls nights are always so fun! i like a good night in by myself every once in a while!

  2. Aidan was my fave too! Big was such a jerk lol!

  3. I love those kind of nights! Have fun:-)

  4. girls nights are prolly one of the best nights <3

  5. Haha sounds like a great night(:
    I love girls nights in!

  6. I always liked Aiden too! Have a fun night. xoxo

  7. Anonymous8/2/10

    sounds like so much fun (:


  8. Sounds like my kind of night. I love having background noise of a girly movie or SATC. Although I love that Carrie and Big ended up together, I have that soft spot for Aidan.

    Adding cupcakes to the mix makes for a complete night. Speaking of cupcakes, I have been craving them for some time now!


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