for the love of paper

i am a bit of a paper freak.
i pick up business cards while standing by the cash register in fancy stores,
just so i can feel the grain of the paper they use
and the bumps of the raised ink in a beautiful font.
i browse the stationary at staples
and linger by the windows of print stores,
and dream up occasions i could host that would warrant buying some of it.
i love to tear an article out of a newspaper
by pulling in a straight line along the grain,
and then folding a tight crease against the grain so the perpendicular tear
will come out straight.

and i'm all for saving paper
(because i love the look of the gorgeous tall trees in my neighborhood
just as much as i love what their processed pulp becomes)
but there are a few things that i have a hard time dealing with
when they're not in print...
for example,

i try to look at my favorite magazines online,
but there's something about flipping open a style or design magazine
and folding over the pages or clipping out the things you love.

~the news~
on a day-to-day basis, i get by on watching the weather channel
and browsing "the vancouver sun" online,
but nothing beats a lazy sunday
with a giant paper and a giant mug of coffee

~christmas cards~
i've heard people say the general trend is to move to email greetings,
but i can't tear myself away from the lovely displays at christmastime,
and the one chance i have to send glittered things in the mail
without people thinking i'm weird

 ~my agenda~
i have tried and tried and tried to use the ical application
on my mac to store my appointments.
but i hate it.
i like the feel of paper and pen, and having my appointments written
in my handwriting make them seem like more worth keeping.
even though my agenda is usually full of crossed out and whited-over
plans that have been canceled or changed,
i wouldn't give up my paper planner for the world.

i sat next to someone on the bus recently
who was reading a novel from a kindle.
it gave me the willies.
i mean, it's a fantastic invention for a traveler,
but seriously... who would ever curl up by a fireplace with a kindle?!

so although i am in love with the internet
and it provides me with hours of amusement,
there are some paper products i just don't think i can give up.



  1. oh i am so with you on all those!!! I'm a paper girl too...a lot of my friends call me old-fashioned, but still.. i love books and magazines and cards and stationary and tend to collect so much and then forcing myself to get rid of some to make room for new ones! lol. :D loved this post! that first image is lovely :)

  2. Ahhhh, I looooooove this post!!!!! This speaks to me. I am a paper addict. I love paper of all kinds. And I completely agree with you on everything you mentioned: magazines, newspapers, books, cards....they are meant to in their pure paper form. Period.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face! :-)

  3. ME TOO! I am fighting the Kindle and everything like it as best I can because I hope we never lose out paper books!

  4. I totally agree with you. I love buying magazines because of the glossy paper. I love receiving greeting cards because at times, emails are not personal enough. I love books because it's so comforting to read them in bed in your pjs.

    I have recently started to use my iPhone to store my appointments but I miss writing them in an agenda. I also miss buying cute, colourful pens!

  5. I agree so much. Some things are just MEANT to be inked. :)

  6. Your blog is so lovely and professional looking!! I need to step up my game. :) This is lovely.

    I am so with you on the book in print desire... My dad sends me e-books all the time, but I just want to print it out and read it on paper, so what good does that do? :P

  7. I love paper too and I love your blog!! xo

  8. I totally couldn't agree with you more. I LOVE getting cards from family and friends. An email just wouldn't be the same. AND I love to read, and wouldn't want to stare at a screen I want to turn the pages. And after I read a book I pass it on, or get it from the library does that help? :-)

  9. Totally with you on this! Nothing about a computer says grab your toasty drink & curl up with me to ! & the switch to email greetings!!!! WTH!?! I love looking through my old Christmas cards every time I put up the tree. Memories you can hold & touch...which reminds me, I need to print out some pictures for some photo albums!

  10. I've tried the agenda on my mac, too, but I love my vera bradley planner way too much. I love highlighting, decorating, color-coordinating, and placing stickers on my planner. Oh the Kindle... I agree it's a great invention for a traveler, but I won't ever buy one. I love going to the library and flipping through the pages. There's nothing else like it.

  11. I am doing my own Save The Dates/Invitations, and I just got the most lovely 100lb card stock - I love paper too! (And saving money by doing my own wedding stuff!) How is Olympic prep coming up there?!

  12. I am TOTALLY with you! I have an iphone, but insist on carrying a planner around with me because I like writing things in it like a real human being!

  13. i love those little paper hearts!! i agree i love my iphone calendar but i still need a paper agenda!

  14. i am so 100% completely and entirely with you! There is nothing like the feel of paper under your fingertips ~

  15. I cannot give up on actual magazines. I'll read content online or look at editorials, but it always looks better in print. And, I will always send Christmas cards via regular mail, not email. I love making lists on paper and the feeling of actually crossing things out. There are certain things that just can't be substituted with technology.

  16. me too me too me too! There's just something about curling up on the sofa on a sunday morning with the paper and getting inky fingers as you flip through the news.

  17. I completely agree! I cannot give up the physical items for digital stuff. I love my old, used books and my agenda far too much to part with them.

  18. i hear you! does a kindle smell like an old library book?! i think not!

  19. Love this post :)
    I too am a fan of paper in all forms!!

  20. aah i love it, i am all for paper as well. i used to have a huge collection of letter paper and stationeries, scented and everything. but my favorite papers are one on old books, and ones on harry potter books. :3

  21. Yikes, I just got a kindle as a gift. Should I love it or hate it? I'm so torn!


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