from hate to love.

as i was growing up,
there were things about myself that i wished i could change.
parts of my body that i felt weren't ideal
and didn't fit in with what i saw as a "perfect" body.
but as i grew older, i slowly learned to appreciate and love my body
for its uniqueness,
and i even found some love for the parts that i used to wish i could change.

for example...

i used to hate my eyes because they were rather round,
and not almond shaped like many beauties i saw on tv and in magazines.
but as i grew older, i realized that my eyes are big and sparkling,
and they are the loveliest shade of hazel,
which changes between brown and green, and sometimes even yellow
depending on my mood.

i used to loathe my ankles because i had the thicker kind
and not the gazelle-like dainty ankles of models.
but i have realized that my strong legs help me
hold the tough balance poses
when i practice yoga,
and they support me when i strive to run
that extra kilometer during my 10km training.

my curly hair has been pretty much my biggest woe since i was little.
i never knew how to style curly hair,
and it seemed that stylists didn't either...
i almost never left a hairdresser without wanting to cry.
but as i grew older i started to experiment
with new products and techniques,
and i gained the patience to let my hair grow out a little
and now i love to fluff it up big and let the curls speak for themselves!
so few people have crazy textured hair like i do,
and i've learned to appreciate it for the unique personality that it has.

i'm on a constant journey to move closer to the place
where i love my body the way it is,
and i know that getting there will be a mixture of
loving my imperfections and
changing the way i live to help my body be as healthy and fit as it can be,
but i'm working on it.

what are the body parts that you have a love/hate relationship with?

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  1. Anonymous11/2/10

    i love my lips because they r nor small nor big i hate my feet because they r so weird luking. i hate my eyes because they are just boring brown. but im trying to love myself each day.


  2. you are indeed beautiful! !

    i love this post because we share the same woe, big curly hair, so i had mine chemically straightened :(

  3. I LOVE your post! Youa re too cute, and I love your attitude about it all:-)

    Me: I used to hate my red hair and freckles, and my way skinny chicken legs, but I've grown into it all and embrace it! I guess it's all part of growing up.

    P.S. I try to have curly hair by scrunching it, mine is soooo straight!

  4. This is great! I still hate my curly hair, but just because I look so young anyways and when my hair is curly I look like I should be in high school.

    I used to hate my freckles and pale skin though and now I love them.

  5. totally with you on the hair thing...I can't even straighten mine because it is so thick/curly it takes 3+ hours !!! and my mom just gave up on it when I was a kid (lots of bushy triangle cuts) but once I discovered pantene mousse and grew it out in high school I have never wanted to change it :)

  6. Growing up I used to hate hate my thick eyebrows. I thought they were the ugliest thing ever! When I was finally allowed to tweeze them...well...let's just say I spent a great part of teen and early twenties with pencil thin eyebrows. I CRINGE thinking back on that. I LOVE my eyebrows now, I (well technically the threading lady) can shape them anyway I want and I think they give my face a strong look :)

    Great post!

  7. i'm totally on board with not liking my ankles, but that's because my ankles...and feet in general are thin and boney and just don't match the rest of my legs, which are thicker. i'm pretty mismatched but i'm growing to accept that it's who i am

    although, i wish i had curly hair. having between straight and wavy hair sucks, it never looks good unless i toy around and style it. which i never do.

  8. I used to hate certain parts of my body too. I'm not overly thin or heavy I always felt like I was in the middle & trying desperately to be one or the other side. It may take a while but eventually you learn to love every curve, every eye-lash, every smile, & every part of yourself! Good luck dear! I have curly hair too, that was a battle but eventually it calms down, well at least today =P

  9. Anonymous11/2/10

    this is great :) i used to think after i gained a little weight that my body wasn't good enough, but focused on those that i do like! it makes it a lot better
    also, i'm having a photo contest! you could win a fisheye camera, locket ring, pride &prejudice, and a t-shirt! just enter a picture of your favorite adventure to http://tinyurl.com/ydl7zbz
    i'd love it if you'd spread the word!

  10. Good Post! =) I use to hate my short waist and long legs, but learned to love them for my "womanly" figure.

  11. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!

    Such a wonderful and yet true life of a girl and all our insecurities, but how can we expect others to love us when we don't love ourselves! love this. thanks for sharing!

  12. Aww, such an inspiring post. I feel the same way about my legs ... they're hella long but they're not gazelle-like at all. And I have big issues with my thighs as well ... but I also love my hazel eyes. Woot, hazel eyes unite!

    And I love curly hair, so we could swap anytime :)

  13. This was such a nice thing to share. It's hard to feel good about yourself when everywhere you look in the media, there is only one kind of beautiful.

    Sometimes I hate the stretch marks on my belly, but they gave me a big, healthy baby, so it's hard to hate them too much! A small price to pay to meet the little love of my life.

  14. omg i think everyone goes through this.. i have this freckle on the side of my nose.. not sure why i used to hate it, but i did.. now i dont mind.. i was actually thinking about this the other day in the car.. and i couldnt remember why i hated it! and i love curly hair.. mine is weird.. somedays straight somedays wavy.. but every time i see curly hair i always stare and want it

  15. Awesome post!!

    I love my hair. I wish I could say the same about all of me, but, like you, I'm working on this.

  16. i used to hate my belly! lol
    but now i cherish it anyway because it somehow could work as a parameter built in my body that tells me to do not eating excessively or it would feel like it's gonna explode ;D

    it's not that hard to love our own things, yes? :)

  17. When I'm having a good hair day I love my hair. But it takes so much work! I wish it would just chill out!

  18. Great post! Everyone has body insecurities.
    I am tall and self-conscious of it just because everyone always comments on it.
    I don't like my stomach and everyone tells me I have a big butt for my body lol.
    I still love myself though. i love my blue eyes and long legs.

  19. I am one of those people who just let the curly hair go. Growing it long the past few years was a great decision - as I lost my cotton ball do.

    And yes...school closed as we've used to many make-up days already - the only days left between now and end of contract are 'spring break'. Enjoy the weekend!

  20. I hated my hair growing up because it started frizzing after puberty and I didn't know how to deal. Then I learned how to curl it and straighten it, and now I love having options. =)

  21. Anonymous14/2/10

    You are beutiful for this post!!..The way I see my body just depends on my mood. Sometimes, I think my body is perfect, and sometimes I hate some parts.



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