little steps

i'm so happy today is monday!
i had a bit of a rough week...
i got sick and wasn't able to do any running,
and i missed a yoga class while helping a friend move.
i always notice right away that
when i miss my opportunities to move my body,
my desire to eat good things for my body goes right along with them,
and i definitely feel less motivated,
less comfortable in my own skin,
and generally less contented with life.
so i've been feeling a little less happy
with myself and my body this past week.

that's why i'm glad it's monday...
i have my wonderful yoga class today,
and the promise to get outside and run three times this week
(rain or shine!)

and on that note,
i've been thinking about adding a section to my blog called
"little steps"
to help me achieve my goals and stay on track.
it's been good for me to post goals,
but i haven't been able to see them again unless i go back to the original post.
so each month, i'll take a look back at my goals for the year,
and choose a few little steps that i can take that month
to help me achieve them,
and post those little steps in the sidebar of my blog,
where i can see them every day.

i was going to wait until march to start taking little steps
(because you know how i like new beginnings)
but i figure a monday after being sick,
when i'm dying to get back to my feel-good routine,
is just as good of a time to start.
so my little steps for february are:
1. drink eight glasses of water a day
(i'm always feeling dehydrated, and a lot of times i let this feeling
transform into mindless snacking, which has to stop)
2. try a new vegetable or veggie-based recipe every week
(it's been hard for us to incorporate enough fruits and vegetables into our diet,
so this is a fun and challenging way to do it)
3. spend more time in the kitchen
(dante teases me about not having any hobbies,
which is semi-true
- because of my job,
i'm not able to make a fixed-time commitment
to something every week -
and i figure that trying new recipes and
using baking and cooking as therapy and enjoyment
instead of just doing it out of necessity
is something that i can be flexible with)

and hopefully these little steps will help me on my quest
to become healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

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  1. I always love the pictures you post on your blog. And I think the new feature idea is a marvelous one. I need to do my own little steps! I've been too motionless for too long...

  2. great goals {or little steps}! hope that you are feeling better. i know i need to start exercising more...being snowed in by these snow storms has not helped me out at all!

  3. loving these goals...they are something I'd like to do more of too.

  4. good luck with your steps! one baby step at a time girl!

  5. all the best on your little steps!
    what yoga do you do & where? - r xoxo.

  6. this is a great idea! it's about the baby steps! that's how you learn to walk! what kind of yoga do you do.. im a bikram girl.. :)

  7. i feel exactly the same way when I fall into a no exercise/bad eating rut! I'm glad you can have a fresh perspective on the new week :)

  8. You have wonderful goals. I sure hope you are feeling better. I heart you bloggy blog!

    I am your newest follower. I hope you will come by and follow back. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog.

  9. I missed Yoga this morning and could feel it all day. Being that I make all kinds of goodies all the time... I make sure to have a healthy balance of running and yoga. Love you blog oh so much!! xo

  10. Love the blog! Those are excellent goals! I'm right there with you! ;)

  11. My friend is taking a yoga class and loves it. I've been wanting to take one myself for a while now, too but unfortunately can't this semester at college.
    I completely agree with what you said about it being harder to eat healthy when you don't move your body.
    I really like the idea of your "Little Steps"..it's a great idea actually. Good luck to you and your quest to be healthier.

  12. Excellent idea to try improve life a bit! I like the trying different veges one :)

    You've inspired me to try more yoga this year.

  13. What a cute picture!!
    And yay for being healthy! :) I'll be trying along with ya! :)

  14. I like your new list of goals....I might have to try drinking more water too since winter is drying me up like a prune....

  15. good goals!
    I hope you are feeling better, love the pic!

  16. Aww, I love this idea and I think it will inspire me too! I'm on track when it comes to working out, but not so much with the food aspect and I rarely drink water. I hope you get to achieve your goals and I hope you feel better :)

  17. I think evreyone should start their mondays like this :D


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