my pet peeves

while i'm away relaxing,
and hopefully not being annoyed by anything at all
i thought i'd share with you a list of the things that annoy me to no end.
i've realized many people are bothered by similar things,
so tell me...

how many of these are your pet peeves too?

*groups of people walking too slowly right in front of you
all in a line on the sidewalk so you can't get past*

*that guy on the bus talking yelling loudly into his cellphone,
way more loudly than he would ever have a conversation
with anyone who was actually on the bus*

*whistling. i don't know why, but i hate it!!*

*people who smoke in outdoor lineups, at bus stations,
or anywhere that there are a large group of people who have to
inhale the second hand smoke, even though we're outside*

*when empty food containers get put back into the cupboard*

*people who keep their umbrellas open when it's not raining anymore*

*someone running into you because they're texting while walking
and they don't even take a second to look up periodically*

*standing in a huge drugstore lineup because the person at the cash is finished
but is taking forever putting everything back into her purse
and the cashier can't get to the next person in line*


ok now after writing that list i feel a little bad...
i usually try to just take a deep breath and let things go
and i end up being a happier me.
but sometimes i can't stand it!
thanks for letting me vent.


  1. Anonymous24/2/10

    Lots of little things irritate me too, including everything you've listed. When people sniff a lot instead of blowing their nose, and spitting, really grosses me out.

  2. Some of the things that bother me too are when people are walking slowly in line (or in my case, through the halls at school), and when the guy is yelling into his cell phone!

  3. Don't feel bad. i agree with everything you posted!

  4. I agree with ALL of those and I have an addition to the list:


    I hate that! I feel like they are breathing down my neck, it's SO RUDE!!

  5. i walk really fast and number 1 really tocks me off!! specially if they are just txtng or fooling around ._.

  6. haha what a good post...
    the smoking one drives me crazy, I HATE that!
    I hate it when people leave their blinkers on for a long time even though there is only one way for them to go anyway, like when they exit the freeway.
    and i HATE it when people snooze in the mornings, it drives me NUTS haha

  7. Oh my goodness. The sidewalk one kills me. I'm tall and have long legs, so sometimes I walk faster than people anyway. But I think a sidewalk is like the expressway...slow moving traffic should stay on the right so those of us who aren't just out for a stroll can pass on the left. :)

  8. Anonymous24/2/10

    oh i'd say 8 of 8 are pet peeves of mine too!


    I have a confession. My OCD makes me do the put the purse back together thing. Can we still be friends?

  10. I thought I was the only one who hated whistling! I really, really hate it!

    My other pet peeve is when people make a loud obnoxious unnecessary sound when they yawn!

  11. Anonymous24/2/10

    i agree with number one hate tht.


    p.s. i always swerve around them or just push through hahaha

  12. everyone has their things that annoy them... mine would be people poking me, people touching my face and people stealing my french fries without asking. haha! that's just to name a few.

  13. The whistling gets me too. It makes me shudder when I hear people whistling songs. I feel kind of bad because they are obviously in their happy place.

    My other pet peeve is when people dog ear pages of books and crack the spine. It kills me. I only lend out books that I don't care about getting ruined. Mean huh!

  14. I can't stand people texting while they walk, especially when they are crossing the street so slowly because they are texting--drives me mad!

  15. I HATE WHISTLING TOO! It drives me crazy and makes me so angry for no reason at all!

    I also hate people sitting near me and fidgeting, chewing gum loudly, people who text in movie theaters and people who don't use their turn signals when driving.

    And about a million other things, too. I'm a secretly angry person lol!

  16. The smoking part drives me INSANE. When I was in Detroit last week we went into a restaurant and guess what? THEY COULD SMOKE IN THE RESTAURANT! I nearly died... seriously!
    So gross...

  17. Smoke yes, and I dislike people who don't use their blinker. They just turn unexpectedly, and non-seat belt wearers. Save your pathetic excuses and put it on!

  18. When my husband pulls the electric can opener out on the counter to use it and doesn't put it back flush against the wall...I have honored your blog with the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog!

  19. people who use the express lanes with way more groceries then are considered "express"... and then try to pay for it all with change.

  20. I think I am the person you hate. Except for the texting thing, I'm still learning how to even answer a cell phone. But I am most definitely the purse lady, the whistler and the loud cell phone talker (again, it's because I don't really know how to use one). Good thing we're related or I don't think we'd be hanging out much any more :)

    I'll be practicing my whistle for may!


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