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do you ever feel like you're too much of a planner?
i often fall into the trap over over-planning.
especially this time of year,
when i'm starting to think of the summer ahead,
and the new school year after that (we still operate on school years)
and it's exciting and exhausting all at once.

over-planning (i think i made it up)
is when you come up with a plan
for all the different possible scenarios
that your future life could become.
right now dante & i are looking at a few possibilities
(depending on where dante decides to go for his PhD):

1. stay in vancouver
2. move to toronto
3. move to guelph, ontario

so i have begun looking at all of my options
for each town that we could be in next year.
right now i have about six scenarios running through my head
based on applications i've made to schools and jobs,
and based on whether we'll stay in town over the summer
or do some adventuring.

i love to plan, and daydream about where our life could take us,
but sometimes i need to remind myself
to just slow down and see what happens.
then, once my options have been narrowed down for me,
i can pick a path from a much less dizzying set of options!

what do you do when your future life is looking a little uncertain?


  1. I can't plan unless I have a concrete set of circumstances ahead of me (i.e. when I applied for grad school I couldn't think about the future until I was actually accepted somewhere) Until then I just view the future as a vague uncertain fuzz which also has its drawbacks!! and makes it just as easy to overwhelm yourself and freak out :)

  2. Anonymous4/2/10

    yea same here and sometimes i never get nethng done.


  3. hmm..what do I do??? Drink ;) Breath...& Pray! I'm not a list maker but that sounds like a good place to start!

  4. Go with your gut! I get sooo stressed with so many options! You just gotta GO with the most comfortable feeling way...even if it's gonna be hard, if it feels right then just do it. we learn as we go.

  5. oh i'm like that too!!!
    it can be so exhausting and waste of time, yet i still always plan for every possible outcome! :)
    it does sound like you have a lot of amazing opportunities ahead of you - either way you go, it will be amazing! :)

  6. yikes you know friend, I also tend to over plan and daydream, sometimes it works out but recently I noticed that some of it arent really what I would have expected to happen. So more often, I just upset myself. So now, I guess I'm trying to be spontaneous on some parts of my life. But I do pray that your plans for yourself and family will push through beautifully. :3

  7. Ahhh. I tend to overplan, but right now I'm at a point where I CAN'T plan. I'm in the middle of applying to grad school and I have no idea where I'm going to end up. I want to plan so badly but don't even have my starting point yet!

  8. I used to be a chronic over planner. The past few years I've eased off. A lot.

  9. It is better to overplay then to underplan. The key to being successful is proper organization and prioritizing.

    For instance, a person who puts in multiple job applications is more the likely to eventually get a job over a person who just fills out one application. However, it might not be wise to schedule two job interviews only an hour apart on the same day.

    Overplanning can be a very effective practice.

    It is always better to place oneself in a position to be the one who is rejecting others instead of the one being rejected.

  10. I used to plan a lot but not anymore bc it never really worked for me. I always think if it's meant to be, it'll happen. Hope that helps... great post luv! :) Mon Mode Blog

  11. im a BIG fan of slowing down.. jack johnson has a great song about it.. slow down, everyone your movin too fast.. frames can't get you when youre movin liiiike that.. :)

  12. I overplan too!
    I have to know everything in advance, i just have to plan everything(:

  13. I do the same thing! The only problem is I get so excited about what MIGHT happen that I get carried away sometimes lol!

  14. I totally overplan. Drives my husband nuts.

  15. I feel the exact same. I overplan. I'm not really sure what I do about it. The future comes whether we like it or not and changes happen. And when it does, we need to embrace it and make the best of things.

  16. I hear ya, I think over-planning is a natural part of being a chick. When I get too worked up about those things I just have to remind myself to deal with life as it comes.

  17. Yes - I am always overplanning and thinking I can control every little detail. I was always such a perfectionist overplanner...for example, even when I planned my workouts, I would have to start at 9:00 sharp so I would finish at 10:00 sharp and finish showering and getting ready by 10:30 sharp. So, I completely understand what it means...
    It's a funny thing, though, because it never really works out the way you plan it to, and even if it did, you (or at least, this happens to me) feel almost a little disappointed...like.."oh, that was it?"
    But yes, it's so important to remember to just always slow down and take things one at a time. It's a tough lesson, but really helpful, in terms of relieving stress.
    I'm constantly working on this...and good luck to you too! :) Don't overstress!!


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