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yikes - i didn't realize that yesterday's post
would elicit such enthusiastic responses!
everyone wants to know how we managed to get free iphones...
well, lucky for us vancouverites,
there's a local store that is offering free 3G iphones
when you sign up on a three-year rogers contract.
it wasn't even a mail-in rebate, it was absolutely free!
the only problem was that because i was an existing customer,
who already had a great corporate plan with rogers,
they didn't feel i should be allowed to just have a free iphone,
so in order to qualify i had to cancel my current account
(luckily my contract had expired and i hadn't signed another one)
and open a fresh, new account
for dante & myself.
all of which took two hours.
we got a couples plan
(how cute!)
with matching iphones
and left the store very happy.

i hope this quells everyone's curiosity!
...and i'm sorry if you don't live in vancouver.


  1. I wish I were born and raised in vancouver and destined to have free iphone 3g. lol! well I'm super psyched for you two lovelies! :3 matching phones = sweetest thing!!

  2. Anonymous16/2/10

    aaw man sucks tht i dont live in vancouver hahah ur so lucky (:


  3. i didn't think it was possible to want an iPhone even more than i do now... but after seeing this post, I DO! I need to join the bandwaggon of apple users! i LOVE the "his" and "hers" background!

  4. i'm sorry i don't live in vancouver, for that reason and many more! congrats on your new iphone. just stumbled across your blog and it's lovely. i'll be sure to stop back.

  5. Just stumbled across your blog. very cute :)

  6. Jealous!! I live close to Vancouver, does that count?! :)

  7. that is amazing!
    you will lovee this phone and spend way too much time on it! lol. :)

  8. Congrats! I recently got an iPhone and I am in lurve with it. :)))

  9. I LOVE those wallpapers! adorable! (and lucky you with that deal!)

  10. wow, that is awesome!! i would LOVE to have an iphone!!


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