that summer feeling

do you think summer has a feeling?
i do.
it's that feeling of excitement in the pit of your stomach
because everything around you is beautiful and bright,
and you know that even if you have to work
you'll eventually be hanging out with your friends
in a park or a beach, or at a barbeque by the lake
just enjoying life and living in the moment.
it's the anticipation of fun and relaxation
and the euphoric feeling caused by
the large amount of vitamin d getting absorbed into your system.

i had that feeling today
when i woke up and looked out my window
and saw the sun shining more brightly than it has done in months.
even though i knew it was still chilly outside
it looked like it could have been 30C.
and i ached for summer...

i can't wait for it to get here!


  1. I Love Summer evenings (:
    Laying in the grass in the warm air & Dimming light - Ahh, Bliss! ♥
    & Also swap that grass for the sand of a secluded bay.
    Kate, x.

  2. I think these next couple of months are the hardest in terms of waiting for summer to come.

    It definitely has a feeling...a feeling you look forward to for months on end in the midst of the snow and ice, and then deeply mourn when the days start to get short again and a cool wind moves through the air.

  3. Anonymous17/2/10

    i love summer i think its the bestest season in the whole year i love it like alot. haha i cant wait to start going to the beach and learn how to swim finally.


  4. i definitely have spring fever, i need the warmth!

  5. aah summer love!! warm summer mornings, cold summer nights. i really want to go to the province this summer to unwind, it would really be nice!

    I hope summer comes to your doorsteps real soon.

  6. I love this post! I miss summer so much too.

  7. Me too! Now I'll be singing that Summer song from Grease the rest of the day...summer sun, somethings begun uh oh on a summer night :)

  8. Summer does have a feeling... loved the picture to this post!! I feel summer today too, it's 75 here maybe 80 in the sun and it feels great!! Much love!

  9. i miss that feeling. i can't wait for summer to be here! sounds like a great start to your day, despite the cold. :)

  10. I love that you put a photo up of Lauren Conrad. When I see her, I immediately think of summer. The Hills reminds me of how I would like to spend my summer - by the beach. Oh how I wish I was young again!

  11. Love this post! I've never thought about it - but you're totally right about that weird, excited feeling you get when you're outside enjoying the sun. Ahh I can't wait :)

  12. oh it definitely does. i think every season has a feeling. can't wait for the summery ocean smell :)

  13. oh i am SUCH a summer girl! i cant wait.. i just cant! and btw i want to come visit vancouver! it looks SO BEAUTIFUL!

  14. summer deffffffff has a fab feeling attached to it. who doesn't love a tan, some sunshine and frozen bevs.

    I for one, also love me some LC. ahh total girl obsession haha. diggin' the photo choice obviously :o)

  15. Oh, I am with you! I am beyond ready for that summer feeling- and the actual summer!

    Thanks for visiting, I'm following your blog!

  16. OH!!! I can't wait until summer! I need summer! I am in major spring fever mode right now! lol

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  17. Can't wait for summer! It's about to snow here and I'm not excited.

  18. I love your post.. the sky was so blue yesterday I pretended with my son it was summer and went to the shop to buy an ice-lolly even though it was still wintry cold! Tam

  19. I was so ready for the heat to be gone...and now I'm ready for SPRING baby! It can't get hear soon enough!


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