i believe...

...in unconditional love

...that you can change a stranger's entire day
just by smiling at them

...that $4.00 for a latte is too much!

...in guardian angels

...that a homemade steak dinner with
a decent bottle of wine is just as good (or better)
as one in a restaurant
...that hard work is necessary in order to achieve your dreams

...in saying what you feel

...that family is the most important thing

...that good and lasting relationships don't just happen
without effort from all people involved

...in the essential good in all people

...that our world is just too beautiful and intricate
to not have a Creator

...that you can't please everyone,
and that should never be a reason to stop you

...in true loves and soulmates...
but I believe you have the power to choose your own

...that every day is a new beginning.

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  1. Anonymous23/2/10

    I loved this post and especially that you can change a stranger's entire day just by smiling at them. I try do that everyday and when people smile back I like the feeling.

    Helen [In Elegance]

  2. Anonymous23/2/10

    ...love the qoute at the end.. helps me consider tht the end of the day is until u decide...


  3. Anonymous23/2/10

    Love that quote at the end. Great things to believe in!

  4. This is wonderful. And I think I agree with you on all accounts:)
    Loved it-

  5. I agree 100%
    Following you!

  6. great great thoughts, thanks for sharing! i agree with you in everything.
    LOVE the pic as well :)

  7. Love this meg, pretty smart girl!

  8. I love this!! And, 4 dollars for a latte is way too much... agree... and I will make you one for free :)!! Love this blog of yours, always inspiring, creative and wonderful! xo

  9. Wonderfully and beautifully true. Thanks for making this dreary day in Texas a little sunnier :)

  10. I second these! :) And I have pretty much given up on buying coffee except for special treats, $4 is crazy!

  11. My grande skim latte is now $4.30. It's totally ridiculous, but I gave up my Tasti-D-Lite habit just so I could continue to buy it without major guilt. I don't need froyo anyway...but coffee? I NEED IT!


  12. I usually just follow your blog with the RSS feed and don't comment, but I just had to this time. I thought this was a beautiful post! :)

  13. a beautiful post. thank you for sharing your beliefs with us.

  14. Oh, I just LOVE this post!!! Love love love!

  15. i believe in those too :) love it

  16. i believe $4 for a latte is too much as well....but do i still pay it sometimes? yep :).

  17. I agree! Especially the smiling-at-a-stranger part :)

  18. I so love this, Meg. And I completely agree! (Well, the steak dinner might be a minor exception since I'm veg, but I'm with you on cooking at home and drinking wine!) :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you for such a lovely post! It instantly made me happy...xo

  20. my my, this post wouldve seriously made me cry, i really needed this :(

  21. I believe that the best thing you can take with you is your experiences!

  22. what a beautiful post and beautiful beliefs!

  23. Anonymous21/10/10

    what lovely words and how true too. you mirror my thoughts and give inspiration.


  24. i love every words said in this blog ♥
    its just so inspiring.


  25. I stumbled upon your blog and I really love this and agree!


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