wishing you a most wonderful weekend

i just made the most delicious sandwich with
avocado & havarti cheese.
i could eat one every day.

and now,
the weekend is here again.
we are so lucky to have the sun shining brightly
here in vancouver
but even if you're still facing a foot (or more!) of snow,
i encourage you to get outside
and soak up a little vitamin d
to help you get through the last week of february.

if you've got some time to kill this weekend,
here are three amazing blogs you should check out...
they are my guilty pleasures,
because sometimes they're so ridiculous
i feel like i shouldn't be reading them,
but they always make me laugh out loud.

and have a great weekend.

and ps, to my mom,
who might be reading this - i warn you that
these blogs can sometimes be a little are quite outrageous,
so tread with caution!


  1. what a healthy sammich!
    usually I eat avocado with chilled condensed milk :3 never tried on sammiches but I will give it a go :3 have a lovely weekend, unfortunately for me, I still have to go to work on saturday :(

  2. Anonymous19/2/10

    tht sounds really gud....


  3. avocados are my favorite. My boyfriend and I make guacamole ALL of the time :) Beautiful picture! Thanks!!!


  4. I'm hungry, i want a sandwich lol :)
    Have a great weekend too!

  5. I {heart} avocados!The Boy & I are guacamole junkies! There is usually no less than 3 at our house on any given day :)

  6. Havarti and Avocado oh yummm!! Enjoy your weekend!! Xo

  7. Anonymous19/2/10

    I've never been such a huge avocado fan, actually, but your sandwich still sounds good. :)
    Oh yes, I usually need some time to decide whether to give up something. Especially because it sounds easier than it is.
    And I could never give up my daily dose of chocolate. :D
    Have a nice weekend :)

  8. I'm intrigued by these "guilty pleasure" blogs!

  9. thanks for these blogs...the last two are halarious!

  10. i could literally eat avocado everyday!

  11. Anonymous20/2/10

    happy weekend! that avacado pic is too cute. makes me want some guac!

  12. I loooove avocado! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend :)

  13. Thanks for the great blog recommendations! Can't wait to check them out.

    Yum--avocado. I had to give up cheese a couple years back (dairy intolerance) but I miss pairing it with healthy fruits and veggies.

  14. i love the heart-shaped avocado ... the perfect shape for the perfect fruit/vegetable/thing that grows on a tree. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. i love yours, and will be back for more!


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