a case of the mondays

this is one of my all-time favorite movies.
so whenever i'm having a bad day
for no reason,
i automatically think of the phrase
"having a case of the mondays"

today, i definitely was feeling a little down.
i felt kind of sad all morning
(not outright sad, just a little pang in the pit of my stomach
that made me want to pout and curl up in a blanket)
...i think it's because we had such a fun-filled weekend
and i wasn't quite ready to go back to the mundane-ness
that is my workday.

so i cleaned up the house,
organized my nightstand,
and enjoyed a few episodes of sex&thecity
before heading to yoga.
i also listened to some jill scott,
which ended up having the perfect vibe
for my mood.

if you haven't heard her stuff,
check it out below.
i absolutely love it.

i hope you are having a better start to your week than i did!
luckily the yoga, satc, and music
have put me in a better mood,
so things are looking up.
starting now, i am going to feel more like this...

happy monday!


  1. I had a "case of the Mondays" too!!! I'm glad your day is getting better :)


  2. I feel the same way... so it was nice reading this post. I have a cold which is because I have been going going going. I really need to learn to relax, so thankfully, my break is right around the corner. I love your posts... they always add so much cheer to my day! xo

  3. Sweetie, I can so relate. I had a horrible case of the Mondays today! Reading this cheered me up.

  4. Anonymous15/3/10

    Hey Meg! I'm enjoying your blog! I've been reading it for a couple of weeks after stumbling over it via a mutual friend (Robyn - this is life). I'm also in my 20s and recently married and living at UBC :)

  5. What is it about monday's they can be so difficult. We had a rough monday too--after a weekend out of town and with the time change monday morning felt like such a cruel reality. I hope you have a better tuesday:)

  6. Oh, Audrey. that's adorable.
    today was awful for me. both Henry and Amelia came down with colds over the weekend, and they caught me with it last night, so I woke up tired, sick and realizing I had to take care of two sick babies. ugh. so glad this day is almost over and I can go to bed.

    ... just as soon as dinner finishes cooking.

    xo, K

  7. Love Jill Scott!

    I had a really down week last week too. I am trying to turn things around also. Good to know I am not alone!

  8. Monday is every fantastic weekend's hangover
    - the time change didn't help it out this time...

    Cheers to a happy Tuesday!

  9. hope your tuesday is better!

  10. Happy Monday back! Hope you have a great week :)

  11. I think everyone can relate! But hey, tomorrow is a new day! :)
    I love audrey hepburn- gorgeous.


  12. 1. office space really is a fabulous movie. never gets old.
    2. i know exactly what you're saying about you post-weekend disposition; i felt the same way. therefore i bought a bottle of wine, and watched some of my fav chick flicks.
    3. i believe satc can cure almost any bad mood.
    4. great blog :)

  13. yoga is the best especially accompanied by a good run and good music.
    funny what a little exercise can do... =)
    i hope tomorrow is a brighter day!

  14. I hope your Tuesday's a lot better than your Monday!

  15. I hope your feeling better today. I could watch Office Space every day. It is so funny, and it makes me laugh about my old cubicle days.

  16. office space is the best!


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