a full weekend

happy monday!
i hope you had a lovely weekend.
mine was filled with...

friends & wine

yummy food at a new restaurant

lots of time cuddled on the couch

a run in the rain
(although it wasn't raining this hard!)
and a long bubble bath with a good book.

if you need a little inspiration for your monday,
just remember...

if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams
and endeavors to live the life he has imagined,
he will meet with success unimagined in common hours.
- henry thoreau -

...even if you are taking tiny little steps,
work every moment towards the life you want.
eventually, you'll find that you are living it.

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  1. That food does look yummy!

  2. Anonymous29/3/10

    great tip wil apply to my life now.. (: and its great tht u had a great weeknd


  3. sounds like a great weekend! thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. oh meg that quote really saved the day for me :3

  5. Thoreau is my absolute favorite!

  6. Happy Monday to you!!! Beautiful Blog you have!

  7. what a great weekend! the food looks fantastic. i want to go to a new restaurant just like that.

  8. Your blog is all- together INSPIRING!! Much love to you! xo

  9. Such an amazing post! Really love the first pic of the picnic! So magical!

  10. Wonderful blog...
    I love the things you have in your sidebars. Our blogs are quite similar...I was helped with changing the fonts by the lady who used to post the Simply Natural blog (she doesn't post anymore:(). I loved her style and she helped me figure it out. Did you do the work here on your own? I found it very difficult! :) Not a computer type. I couldn't get the sidebar titles to work at all! Did you use a tutorial?
    Thanks for commenting on the flickHERist blog, Tia is an amazing artist.
    I'm interested in seeing how your sponsors go...
    Good luck.

  11. Nice quote. Running in the rain is my favorite thing to do :)

  12. hello!
    thank you for visiting my little blog.
    sounds like you had a great weekend. similar to mine, minus a bubble bath & run :)
    and also instead of wine it was vodka tonics and champagne.
    sounds great all the same.
    you are your hubby are too cute

  13. Nothing is better than a bubble bath and a good book (and a glass of wine...)



  14. love this quote, it went well with the one i just posted today :)


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