happy friday & my someday list

today is a beautiful friday!
i'm going to go for a run in the woods.
but first...

there are some things i long to have for myself or my home.
little things, which don't necessarily break the bank,
but that i never seem to buy.
sometimes, it's because i can't find the exact perfect one.
usually, it's because i forget about how much i want it
until i flip to a page in a magazine
and then i sigh & lament, and hope that one day i'll have...

a little café table & chairs for our balcony

...maybe one day.

happy weekend!

ps, all these images & products are from etsy shops...
click on the links to learn more!
*top image from weheartit


  1. I love the pillow and the cafe table and chairs. I want those too!

  2. how cute!! i love all of these, my dream list!

  3. I want a cake stand too!! Happy Weekend!! ENJOY! xo

  4. i want a cake stand as well!! :3

  5. this is so true and cute things too! have a great weekend!

  6. Anonymous5/3/10

    There's little things like that I keep meaning to or wanting to buy, but never get round to it. I need some comfy slippers myself.

  7. I see a shopping trip in your future!Check out your local Thrift Store, I saw a cake stand,cookie jar & dutch oven the other day at mine! Happy shopping ;)

  8. lovely choices! have a great weekend meg! xo

    ps. i'm so flattered that i'm under your 'fantastic distractions' - thanks! :)

  9. Great list! I scored some pretty awesome Chenille slippers from Old Navy recently, and for cheap, too -- $5.

  10. K I totally want a cake stand, AND I wear my pink/black plaid slippers all the time at home, everyone needs a comfy pair fo sho!

    Hope you have a fab weekend!

    P.S. I'm reading the same book you are:-) Whatcha think?

  11. The slippers scream stay at home and never leave! Fantastic post Honey! Happy Weekend...xo

  12. Anonymous6/3/10

    I am the same way - always looking for the perfect little things. Those are some great finds! Have fab Saturday!

  13. Love all of these! I, too, struggle with finding the perfect version of various things that I want for our house. It's so hard to choose just one because as soon as I find one I like, I'm paralyzed by thinking there's another "better" one out there!

  14. love the cafe coffee chairs & table. (:
    love your blog xoxo
    check mine out too if you'd like!

  15. I have an award for you waiting at my blog!


  16. I just came across your blog and its wonderful! I am now a follower! Wonderful 'perfect' little things! Cant wait to see more!
    I have my own blog too and would love to know what you think!

  17. These are beautiful! :) Ive been on the hunt for the perfect pair of slippers.

  18. you have an adorable blog. you are presh. i like you already. i'm so your newest follower. i'm in love with that fabric on the bolster pillow. happy sunday!

  19. Well, I hope you're happy with yourself. That little post set me off on 4 HOURS (!) of Etsy browsing.
    Sexy Nerd is not amused!


  20. i too would love a bistro table for our balcony.. soon.. :)


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