have a beautiful weekend

what is your favorite part of spring?
i think for me it's hearing the birds sing again.
they started this morning before seven am,
and they've been chirping lovely songs
outside my window all day.

the forecast here is for rain all weekend,
but it's sunny now and i hope it lasts!
we have our usual plans for the weekend...
dante will work on music
i'll lounge around and chip away at "hard times"
we'll head out to the local market to get some groceries
and maybe meet up with some friends for a games night!

what are your plans for the weekend?

on a beautiful day like this,
i need to get out an enjoy the sunshine!

happy friday!

i want to say thank you so much
for all of your encouraging comments on my post yesterday.
i love knowing that many of you are going through
the same transition as i am,
and it encourages me to keep posting my thoughts
about all these life changes
because i know that you can relate.
so thank you!


  1. this morning the birds were out, it was so nice, then at about 11 am a blizzard came out of no where....now at 1 it's all melted and the sun is out and it's nice again.


    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous26/3/10

    wheather here is confusing it was windy this morning and now its sunny hopes urs lasts.. nothing much for this weeknd just catching a movie with friends.


  3. I would love to be outside all weekend, but I'll be working :( Hope you have a great Friday!

  4. I love my birdies that I feed in my yard, and I have always made fun of bird people. Guess I'm really getting old.

  5. Anonymous26/3/10

    I don't mind birds singing, only when I'm not trying to get to sleep. We seem to get the noisiest birds ever outside our house.

  6. It's rainy here, too, but I don't mind because at least it's finally starting to feel like SPRING here in Miami. We've had chilly weather here lately and I have been dying for warmth. My favorite part of spring, though, has to be the way the sunlight seems to last just a little bit longer every day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  7. oh yes, the birds. i do love that. a SURE sign of spring. :)

  8. Your weekend ritual sounds much-like mine! I love going to the markets too, am looking forward to chilling out, blogging, reading the papers this w.e. Happy Spring! We're going into Autumn over here.

  9. My favorite part about spring: Hearing the birds chirping, sunny days, wearing skirts & dresses. :)
    I love it. [:
    Have a lovely weekend!


  10. In Charleston there is this one plant that grows all through out the city (I do not have a green thumb so I have no idea what it is), but it's scent is so intoxicating and it comes every year!!

    P.S. I love the picture of the bird!

  11. Happy Weekend. I love the birds too-I just posted about the woodpeckers-beautiful. ;)

  12. Anonymous28/3/10

    beautiful photo! too bad my weekend is filled with rain! : (

  13. My favorite part of Spring is the scent in the air! Brings comfort and symbolyzies to me a fresh new start! Happy Weekend...xx

  14. I'm glad my post made you smile! Hope you've had a great weekend.
    PS I love games nights! Haha, which ones do you play?!

  15. My favorite part of spring is the same as yours. :) The birds chirping! :D
    I loved this post. :D


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