riley park

welcome to a new week!

it's sunny and clear this morning after a rain & wind storm,
and it's lovely to look out my 8th floor window
at the mountains & ocean beyond.

this weekend dante & i visited a new area of vancouver
that we've never been to before
called riley park.
it was amazing...
full of fantastic shops, cute restaurants,
and many cafes and bakeries.

i was delighted by all the vintage and stationary shops
(one was dedicated almost entirely to typewriters and rubber stamps!)
and i could probably spend a whole weekend browsing around.

we enjoyed some time at a local cafe
sipping tea & coffee
and reading
(um, and playing with our new iphones...)

then headed to a little record shop
(dante's favorite part of the day)

before heading home,
we ate dinner at a delicious caribbean restaurant
(goat curry, jerk chicken quesadilla, and plantain chips)
and then enjoyed a quiet night in
with movies and lots of cuddling.

with a ton of shops,
lots more cafes and restaurants to try out,
and the minor-league baseball field within walking distance,
i think riley park is a place we'll be visiting quite a lot
as the weather warms up!

i hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
photos from here&here


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! :)
    Love your first pic...Stunning fun!

  2. oh sounds soo much fun i like the vintage shop :3 that bag is very lovely

  3. i want to go to there. love the pic of the bag. i want one. sounds like your weekend was full of amazing.

  4. I have never heard of this area in Vancouver... where is it? I think I am coming down there at the end of the month for a few days. Maybe my sister and I will have to go and check it out :)
    Let me know!!
    Sounds like a great weekend though!

  5. Oooooh vintage shops!! I want to decorate my apt in vintage stuff come May :)

  6. Anonymous8/3/10

    Looks like a great shopping experience.

  7. Yay for discovering a new gem! Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  8. looks like such a lovely weekend! :D

  9. Sounds like a neat part of town.

    What part of Vancouver exactly is it? In Vancouver itself or an area of greater Vancouver?

  10. Anonymous8/3/10

    My, my- How fun! Wish I had a part like of town like that near my area :)

  11. A perfect weekend! Vancouver is Beautiful!

  12. I'll put that place on my list next time I head up north!

  13. That caribbean restaurant sounds delicious!

  14. I thought I left a comment here before about how surprised I was you'd never been to main street! It's the best part of Vancouver in my opinion.

  15. how charming!! i wish we had more cute shops like that around here. smoking lily looks especially fun.


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