a small setback

just as i was starting to get used to the springy weather...
just as i was starting to enjoy wearing open jackets and summer scarves...
the cold came back to vancouver.
yesterday it snowed while i was running.
i was running in a tanktop.
it wasn't really snow, more like drifting little frozen rain droplets
but it looked like snow as it fell from the sky
and my brain was very confused.
"what about summer skirts?" it said.
"what about summer scarves? what about putting away your wool peacoat?"
"it will have to wait," i sighed.
today is 3C and rainy, and there's definitely a nip in the air.

i still plan on pretending it's spring,
just to keep my brain happy.

photo from here


  1. Anonymous10/3/10

    Spring is so late this year and our daffodils aren't out yet.

  2. awwww poor daffodils. They are very resilent flowers tho!! Yeahh it's been warm here in NY but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that it stays.

  3. Spring needs to hurry and come!
    Here where I can In Cali, it's been cold, windy & rainy. :(
    Hopefully the weather will change!


  4. cheers to pretending it's spring!

  5. for crying out loud!!

  6. We've been in the 60's here in Ohio for a few days and I am hoping and wishing it stays!! I think I'll cry if I see snow again. However, knowing Ohio weather, it will snow again.

  7. That must have been quite unexpected.

  8. Wish we wave your cold weather ._.

  9. oh no not more snow!!! i will keep pretending with you that it is spring...after all flowers are blooming.

  10. running in a tanktop??? I was super excited last weekend just to run outside at all - with temperatures in the 40s and the snow on the sidewalks melted (still lots of snow on the grass though). Official spring starts March 20; Chicago spring starts... May? :)

  11. Sorry about the snow! That's the worst, when it's gorgeous out a few days and then does a complete 180. Hope the real spring arrives soon!

  12. I'm sending you warm weather vibes from Florida!

  13. I know it's depressing to see snow after you've been basking in signs of spring--but your photo is absolutely striking. Such contrast--in color, in season, in energy. Try to remember that there is beauty in change. And that more spring days are soon coming!

  14. I hate that! spring will be here soon!


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