welcome to march!

yesterday was gorgeous!
i awoke to birds chirping outside my window,
and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon reading at home.
spring is definitely here,
and today we have another delightful appearance
that happens every spring in vancouver...
lots of rain.
but i still love the rain in march,
because it brings with it lovely daffodils
and other spring flowers everywhere.

so here's to march!
and if your city is a bit slower to warm up to the idea
that spring is here,
i hope the chill goes away soon.

have a great day!

photo from here


  1. Yes, Yes, I'm getting a pedicure, it's here, it's here!
    Be good to yourself today, Meg!

  2. I hope Spring makes it down here ASAP! I wouldn't even mind breaking out the rainboots!

  3. It snowed yesterday where I am....I missssss spring

  4. Happy March... the Ides of March are in the air!

  5. I'm SOOO happy it's almost here...I LOVE SPRING

  6. we definitely have signs of spring.. except the darn weather wont stay above 60 here in california.. soo cold.. i cant wait until the dead of summer!

  7. Spring is just around the corner! So happy! Love the new scent in the air!

  8. Anonymous2/3/10

    I woke up to a blanket of frost this morning, I can't wait for the daffodils to bloom.

  9. It's a nice sun shiny day here in Texas. I love March. It's my favorite month !

  10. it's snowing outside right now. oh what i would give to hear some birds chirping soon!!!!

  11. These last couple of days my little town has not warmed up to the idea of Spring... sitting with my favorite blanket right now wishing I had a coffee.. but any who... HAPPY MARCH to you!! XO

  12. Anonymous2/3/10

    the photograph you included is so very beautiful my darling.x

  13. Yay spring! It's been sunny here the last few days and I can't get enough of it!

  14. I am currently wishing for the rain :( I wish i were there ._.


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