would you like to advertise on curls & coffee?

curls&coffee is a little blog that has grown
beyond my wildest expectations.
i am thrilled to have such wonderful readers
and rss subscribers,
as well as the incredible etsy shopowners
who have donated prizes for giveaways in the past.

because of all this,
i have decided to start accepting sponsors
for curls&coffee.
my rates are designed to cater to fellow bloggers
who want to spread the word about their blog,
as i have discovered many wonderful blogs
that aren't as widespread as they should be...
as well as to small shop owners,
many of whom i have found to have amazing products
that i hope can start getting the recognition they deserve.

sponsors will receive a 150x200 space on the sidebar of my blog,
as well as a write-up on my sponsor page
and a featured blog post during their first month of sponsorship.

if you are interested in advertising on curls&coffee,
please email me for rates and site statistics,
as well as for a special introductory offer.
thank you!



  1. i'm in the process of starting a little shop and i believe i will come to you for some help

  2. You know that is painted in that cup on top of foam right?

  3. This is a great idea!!

  4. Anonymous24/3/10

    It's great that you are helping other get the word out about their bussiness and blogs by using your blog. I think that is really neat!

    If you get a chance, I would love if you stopped by my blog.


  5. This really is awesome! I love blogging as an extension of what I do....and the idea of getting paid for it??!?!?!? WOW!

    That's great!


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