as spring becomes summer, i plan on...

making giant bowls of fresh fruit salad for breakfast

wearing flip flops and bikini tops in place of real shoes and bras
and wearing my hair salt-styled by the ocean
as often as possible

spreading a blanket in a park and reading in the sun
(even while there's still a cold enough breeze
that you need another blanket on top)

trying new types of salads with original ingredients
(we started yesterday with a baby spinach & grilled chicken salad,
complete with apple, sunflower seeds, grilled salami
and mounds of goat cheese)

spending time with friends doing nothing
(something i just don't seem to do in the winter)

actually spending time outside during a ferry ride to victoria

transitioning from creamy pasta sauces and salad dressings
to light, olive oil-y sprinklings heavy on herby flavour

spending as much time with my wonderful family & friends
as i can before the big cross-country move!

...today it's a little gloomy outside...
i cannot wait for the sun & the warmth to arrive in full force!

images from weheartit


  1. Anonymous13/4/10

    i know i need it to be summer already. the salad with strawberrys and avocado looks relly gud i ate one like tht in tgif. really gud. great post.hun.


  2. I love this, it makes me want summer so badly! That fruit looks so yummy & I love the pic from (500) days of summer. :)


  3. Anonymous13/4/10

    oooo sounds so nice! :) All the food looks amazing - inspires me to make new (fruit) salads too ha ha

  4. That fruit salad looks divine. Everything you have planned for summer sounds glorious =]

  5. Nice...
    Inspiring too.

  6. This all sounds so lovely, Meg!

    Liesl :)

  7. LOVE this post! i can't wait for all of these!!!

  8. Your posts and your pictures never fail to brighten my day, thank you :)

  9. YES, you have to try kale chips :) and let me know what you think!
    Also, that 1st pic of the fruit salad looks absolutely incredible!! And I'm with you on the sun showing up! Yesterday morning was gorgeous but I'm ready for that all-day every day!

  10. oh wowowow does that salad have pomegranate seeds in it?? how glorious i hope that you do all of these things!!

  11. Anonymous13/4/10

    Oh im with you on all of the above,lol.Oh but not the ferry ride,lol.

  12. literally drooling at the fruit salad. I LOVE fruit salad. It makes me so happy and excited because I am weird hahaha. I love dreaming about the next season during these weird transitional times, it gets me through life!!

  13. Summer is almost here, and your pictures make me want it here tomorrow...thanks for that ;)

  14. My summer officially starts in 8 weeks, when the school year is over. Yippie! :D

  15. ohmygosh! your food looks incredible!! That fruit salad is immense!

  16. Oh me too me too! I love the bit about hair with the salty beachy look. It's the BEST! The fruit and veg salads sound yummy as well!

  17. oh the strawberry with avocados... *crave*

  18. gotta love a good fruit salad-and that dog-omg, no words

  19. Meg your posts are the absolute best!! XO

  20. oooo love this post! thanks for reminding me what I should be looking forward to!


  21. Hi there! I love your blog! I know exactly how you feel about plans for the warmer months! May just have to try that salad you were talking about :)

  22. I am now craving all these things! You have such a gentile soul!

  23. Although we've just finished summer, I feel cheated because the weather didn't seem too summer-like here in my part of NZ. But no matter.

    Your photo of the fruit salad looks divine <3

  24. I love how food changes with the seasons.

    Warm weather just makes one feel so much more ALIVE!

  25. sounds like a fantastic summer :)

  26. that fruit looks so yummy, I am going to try the salad you were talking about!!

  27. those all sound like wonderful ideas! I'm especially loving the fruit salad for breakfast idea. I notice that my breakfasts go from oatmeal to fruit and yogurt or smoothies once the warm weather rolls in.

  28. fruit salad breakfast sounds amazing! Thanks for the idea! :)

  29. I want to eat the fruit and pasta salad. Yum!


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