a bonding weekend

i feel so refreshed.
i spent the weekend spending as little time as possible
looking at my computer and iphone,
and instead filled my time with...

*two new novels*
*a wedding-planning session with my sister-in-law to be*
*drinks to welcome an old friend and his girl into town*
*dinner and engaging conversation with new friends*
*an honest talk with someone i'm comfortable with*
*lots of cuddle-time and good food with dante*

...it was the perfect way to spend my last three-day weekend...
for the next two months i'll be working saturdays again (boo hoo!)

i hope you enjoyed your weekend too!
i'm not much looking forward to going back to working evenings & saturdays,
but i try to remember that work isn't the only thing in my life.
my amazing weekends and
quiet time spent with dante always keep me going.

what are the things you look forward to
when you're not feeling passionate about your job?


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend full of relaxing fun, Meg!

    I am looking forward to a couple fun road trips cross country this summer for some weddings and more! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. hmm funny you ask because lately I've been feeling a distinct lack of passion at work ~ the things I look forward to are 5 pm, and the weekends :)

    glad you had a nice weekend!

  3. Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I took a break from technology too, it was a nice break. I'm making up for it today though haha! I love your blog, by the way.

  4. Hi Meg, glad you had such a great weekend! Sorry about the Saturday working, in the spring/summer to boot. I hate have my two days split!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your weekend, Meg. When I feel disillusioned with work, I look forward to relaxing with a cup of coffee and a good book, that always keeps me going. Speaking of books, I notice that you are currently reading "The Elegance of the Hedgehog". That is a truly brilliant book, one of my all time favourite. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! :D

  6. Meg! Your weekend sounds amazing. I can't wait to pick up some novels for pleasure reading once exams are done!!!
    PS I totally want to go for tea or meet up with you girls sometime :)

  7. this sounds like a good weekend! I'm happy you feel refreshed! xx

  8. I love productive weekends like these :)

  9. that's so great that you feel so refreshed! engaging with people always does that.

    when i start complaining about my job (which i am also not passionate about), joel always reminds me to focus on the positive things, that work is not life. (thank God i have him)!

    i look forward to the little things: dinner with hubby, cuddling & relaxing with him & our pup, going for long walks with said pup.. so many things.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I look forward to long morning walks with a cup of warm tea. XO

  11. aww that sounds like the perfect weekend! glad you had a good one :))

  12. i have been reading instead of blogging the last couple days :)

    it was a good little break!

    you should check out my giveaway :)

  13. My passion is dying - but what gets me through is the look on my student's faces when they know they've done right. And the fact that I have a new life starting in 33 days...

  14. that sounds like a fun weekend! mmm i'm hearing you completely on the job thing. for me, it's having fun plans lined up for the weekends, or dinner dates with my boyfriend after work. i also try to spend free time planning out my next steps.

  15. What novels did you read?

    I look forward to volunteering. I work with kids two days a week. I love them :) I also really look forward to church.

  16. it sounds like you had such a nice weekend!
    I look forward to walks in the sun, alone-time with my bf and kitten, reading before going to sleep... just try to focus on the sweet little things in life!

  17. I love great weekends! I was recently introduced to your blog and am in love!!

    I look forward to coming home to a nice glass of the best cheap red wine ever and snuggling up with my husband and kitties... And I make observations about my customers to amuse myself! =)

  18. Awwh your weekend sounds so lovely!!! When I'm not working or going to school I look forward to spending time with my family and getting to relax and enjoy the sunshine. I love lazy days where you can just sit in a comfy spot and fall into a really great book...(:


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