(busy) earth day

{earth from space, from here}
today is shaping up to be a busy day,
so i will leave you with this picture
and this challenge:

today, spend some time enjoying our world.
look at the trees, inhale the fresh air,
feel the warmth of the sunshine.
be happy that we have such a wonderful planet to call home.

happy earth day! 

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  1. Dang, you found a good picture Meg, I struggled with this in the early am. I did pull it off though!
    Have a happy busy day!

  2. I did just that when I took my dog out for a nice long walk today; it was beautiful out.

  3. it won't be hard to do - it's just gorgeous out today! happy earth day!

  4. Yay! I wish i was outside instead of stuck in this office :/

  5. Lovely post! I saw people planting trees yesterday and it made me so happy!

  6. I had an interesting earth day, a good one but interesting. : )

  7. I was wondering how you get photos on here without the black outline. tried to e-mail you and couldn't get it working. Love your blog. Thanks!

  8. i love Earth Day....


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