a glorious thursday

i can't even fully describe how beautiful the weather was today...
it was so sunny and gorgeous,
although a little windy!

it was the perfect day for...

sleeping in

heading out for a morning run to gear up for the big race

finding a delicious breakfast scramble ready for me
when i got out of the shower

getting to eat it with my honey
and then wishing him well as he headed off for a job interview

tidying the house and
finding design inspiration from candace olsen

and biking around campus, running errands for work.

i hope you all enjoy your day!
tomorrow begins my somewhat disjointed weekend
(i'm working saturday morning,
but that won't stop me from meeting up with friends on friday night!)
and i hope the weather will be just as lovely.

xo, meg
images from weheartit


  1. aww how sweet of your hubby to make you breakfast!! hope his interview went well!

  2. Awww thanks for that burst of positivity. I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    P.S. I tagged you in my latest post. =)

  3. What a lovely post darling! Happy weekend Sweetie...xo

  4. Sounds like a fun day. I hope your husband's interview went well- good luck!

  5. sounds like an absolutely lovely day! that scramble is making me hungry-- I haven't eaten yet. I hope your man's interview went well! and I hope you have a good weekend!

    p.s. I love candace olsen! :)

  6. just blog browsing...and saying hi! Nice blog!

  7. what a lovely weekend!

  8. I love breakfast scrambles...how lovely!

    Liesl :)


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