here comes the sun

{a photo from our honeymoon;
look at that gorgeous sky!}
oh my,
today is a gorgeous day!
it's supposed to reach 15C here,
and i have ventured boldly out in a dress with no stockings
for the first time since october.

it's also my friday,
and after sitting at a desk these past two weeks
for much longer periods of time than i'm used to,
i'm feeling the need for a little technology break.

after today i'll be shutting everything down
and taking a much needed long weekend.

but first,
i wanted to give you some amazing weekend reading.
on friday, i met this lovely girl in person for the first time.
we enjoyed tea and an afternoon outside in the sun,
sharing stories and learning all about each other.
robyn is fantastic, and her blog is just wonderful.
it has a very peaceful aura about it, and she writes beautifully.
she also takes gorgeous pictures.
i encourage you to check out her blog,
as it's a captivating perspective on the vancouver life
of a worldly food- and yoga-lover.

have a lovely weekend, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the intro to a new blogger, Meg. And that picture of Paris is simply spectacular, enjoy your well-earned long weekend! :D

  2. Beautiful picture. You have a lovely weekend, too!

  3. Enjoy your much needed long weekend, Meg, and have fun! Thanks for the reading too...love Robyn's blog!

    Liesl :)

  4. Soak up some sun for me, my dear. Have a lovely, relaxing, refreshing weekend!

  5. Enjoy your technology free weekend!!! I look forward to future posts.

  6. I need a technology/work free weekend of relaxing! Jealous:-)

    Have fun, and yes your friend's blog is cute I just commented, lvoe finding fun new girly blogs!

  7. Hi Meg,
    Love the new blog find!

  8. I love Paris, and love that photo. XO

  9. Meg, your friend's blog is gorgeous... so inspiring and serene! You both seem like amazing girls :) Enjoy your weekend and the incredible weather today!!

  10. when I read the title, I did go, do ro do do!

  11. isn't the weather today so gorgeous? i love it!
    happy technology-detox this weekend, meg... see you soon!

    and thank you to all of you who have left lovely comments here and on my blog! if meg's link isn't working for you, or you would like to follow my blog and cannot see the followers widget, please visit my new domain name --- robynmichellelee.com.
    i am looking forward to getting to know you!

  12. have a fantastic weekend and get plenty of well deserved rest!

  13. Lauren, I love your blog! I met a blog friend this week too and it went so well! It was a fun experience.

  14. So so lovely!! I am so ready to go back to Paris! Have a great weekend!!

  15. Love this blog! you are a breath of fresh air, thanks!

  16. Happy Weekend Darlin...xo


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