the last week of april

{image from here}
it seems i took a bit of an extended weekend
away from my little space.
lots of things have been happening this week,
and i was enjoying just absorbing them all.
we're starting to finalize plans for our move in august...
work has been getting busier
(but will slow down again too soon!)...
we're spending hours & hours editing dante's thesis...
i have weddings and babies on the brain
(thanks to my siblings)...
we're training in earnest for the upcoming 10km race...
dante's been searching for a summer job...
and i've been spending some quality time with new & old friends.

this week has been wonderful and busy,
and it reminds me that the best way to live life
is to go out there and live it to the fullest.
it's harder to do than it should be sometimes
because obligations and requirements and exhaustion
(or laziness)
get in the way,
but i hope that as the month of may approaches
i can remember to do something every day that makes me feel
happy and alive.
i want to embrace life
and make every day count...
because this is the only life i get.


  1. It is lovely to have you back on your space, Meg! :)

    I love your posts and the style in which you display them...so fun and inspiring!

    Have a Wonderful Week, best of luck with your big move and I hope things at work, though busy, go smoothly! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. Wow! Sounds like you have a lot of good, exciting things going on. A 10k race...wow! This is coming from a girl who measure her "mileage" in sidewalk squares ;)

    I totally agree with you! It is so important to follow the cliche "take time to smell the roses". You are right, we only get this one life.

    xo Cat

  3. that is exactly how i've been feeling lately.. in fact, i was just talking about it to my hubby last night! i want to really experience life to the fullest. to feel ALIVE. glad you had that kind of week!!

  4. Ngaw, I've plenty of things on my plate right now too. I wish I could see things the way you do :) you are very inspiring <3

  5. Your posts are always so heartwarming and inspirational, love it :)

  6. Where are you moving and yay for running 10ks ... GO YOU!!! Love your outlook on life!!! xo

  7. Something everyday to make you feel happy and alive.. lovely! It's amazing how little moments, everyday, can enrich one's life so. I hope your May is just as enriched ♥

  8. yay glad to see you back too! re-visting old friends is the best, it's fun to catch up. and that's so exciting you have a move planned for august. since i'm a relatively new reader, i missed all of your posts mentioning it. where are you moving to?

  9. I totally agree!
    Lately I've been feeling that my life is passing me by and it's so depressing. I need to get off my butt and go out and LIVE!

    By the way, thank you for that photo. I had seen it a while back and I've been looking for it since. What a coincidence that you posted it! =)

  10. Good luck to Dante on his thesis! I'm in the midst of writing mine, so I know what that's like. :)


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