oh monday!

i think monday has come too soon...
how was your weekend?

i had the quietest of weekends,
and took advantage of it to clean the house top to bottom.
dante braved massive crowds at an annual record convention
and came back with thirteen new records for our listening pleasure!
we took it easy and enjoyed reading in the sunshine
and going out for burgers and milkshakes (yum!)

also, i want to say a lovely
to all my new followers...
i'm so happy you're here,
and i hope to have another giveaway soon
for your winning pleasure.

have a great day!

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  1. poor Monday... I don't like it much either, but it sure does get beat up on a lot!

  2. Meg had a quiet weekend to herself, and used it to clean readers. Thats motivated I would have wallowed in the bed or the sunshine on the back deck, and did absolutely nothing till an hour before he was expected home. On second thought, it's much easier to clean when the men in our lives aren't home. What are you reading right now?

  3. Never mind, the picture hadn't loaded for the nightstand book, one thing I always check when I stop by to see you!

  4. i agree! this weekend flew by! i am trying to green monday with open arms, but it is so. hard. we had a quiet weekend here too. the weather was beautiful so we took lots of long strolls with our pup :)

  5. Happy Monday!

    I loved my weekend. I worked on Friday and Sunday. On Saturday I saw Date Night with a couple of friends and it was hilarious! I would definitely go see it again in the theaters.

  6. My weekend was oh so nice. Spring semester is winding down to its last four weeks and usually my previous weekends have been spent studying and doing homework. But this weekend was lovely because I had NO homework and had a nice stress free weekend. I went to go see The Last Song with my family it was a good movie. I cried. :)

  7. Monday definitely came to soon. I have a busy week ahead of me! :o(

  8. Aww, sounds like an amazing weekend ... sometimes the quiet ones are the best ones. My weekend was dull, just because I had an exam on Saturday. But hopefully next weekend's will be a bit better. Hope you have a lovely week :)

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! And, I agree -- Monday came waaay too soon.

  10. Oh sounds like a PERFECT weekend :)
    I love to read in the sun and to clean the house can put you in a good mood after you're done! ;)

  11. I totally agree that Monday comes much too soon! Sounds like a very nice weekend. :)

  12. My Monday was awful! Glad yours was less intense;)

  13. Happy Monday! I'm glad you had a great weekend. My weekend was busy, as was today -- I don't know if you have heard of what's going on with teachers in Miami, FL, but we are upset over a bill that wants to tie teachers' salaries to students' performance on standardized tests. So it's been a stressful time, but at least today we got to release some of our stress by organizing a huge rally -- over 2,000 teachers strong. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now. :p

    Have a great Monday!

  14. I'm a teacher, and I always find that kids don't get enough sleep on Sunday nights cause Mondays are always insane!

  15. Boo Mondays, but yay for spring cleaning!

  16. I just adore that picture....I am your newest follower! Great blog.

  17. Monday is fine...I hate Tuesday's...
    That's the start of my workweek and it's terrible.
    I love vinyl, though I can't find a new needle for my old player... :(
    I hope the rest of your week brings "good" days!

  18. oh monday, still tired ._.

  19. i wish i had the motivation to clean my house!! Send a little my way?


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