rain rain rain

the weather is beautiful today.
it's rainy & gray,
the kind of weather i'm happy to have
(as long as it doesn't last too long...)
...the kind of weather perfect for burgundy tights and rainboots.

having just arrived home after being out & about
in the wet weather all afternoon
i was greeted by a hardworking husband
and the sounds of jazz.
the view from my balcony is spectacular...
fog, drizzle, and green green trees everywhere.
i'm going to light some candles,
make some tea,
and spend the rest of the afternoon outside reading.

i'm going to miss this weather.


  1. burgundy tights and boots ... what a perfect outfit for a perfect day!!! Much, much love! XO

  2. I am in love with that kind of weather! so envious! I cannot remember the last time Manila graced us with rain!

  3. We had rain all day yesterday and I loved it :)

    I opened up the shades in the living room and basked in the sunless gray sky. It was beautiful.

  4. I love rainy days too! You sure know how to make the best of them! Enjoy...xx

  5. I love rainy days, too, so long as I can stay indoors and not have to go outside and get wet. And have my hair frizz. And step into puddles. But at home, curled up in blankets with a cup of tea in my hand? Ah, bliss...

    Have a great Monday! :)

  6. Anonymous7/4/10

    love rainbows.. it rained on umm monday i think was searching for tht rainbow but ddnt find one.


  7. i love rainy days too... they're so cozy and sweet!

  8. I love being inside on rainy days, and watching the rain through the window :)

  9. it's been rainy here too but i am not enjoying it in this case because i've been sitting my boss's kids & we've been stuck inside! going stir crazy! i just remembered that i haven't gotten my button to you - sorry! the past week has been super busy. i'll get it to you this weekend :)

  10. Hi meg, also my kinda day. Whatcha reading?

  11. I love rainy days, as long as im not out and about in the rain.. im happy. But i don't mind being out in it if it gives me an excuse to wear wellies:).

  12. i've been reading hard times by charles dickens. it is a perfect novel for curling up on the balcony during a rainy day :)

  13. what a sweet post & jazz? awesome. Have a great rest of the day!

  14. burgundy tights and rainboots :D:D:D:D
    LOVE IT!

  15. oh what a lovely seen you have set! it is windy and foreboding here in D.C., I hope it rains too, and then I will also make some delicious tea!

  16. A rainy day really can be lovely and the picture you used captures it so well!

    Liesl :)


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