what running has taught me about life

yesterday evening i left work and inhaled the evening air deeply.
it was almost the air of a wet summer evening,
and i knew the rain had come, and was coming again.
when did it get so warm?

this morning i awoke to fog, descended low upon our treetops,
blotting out the distant ocean and scenery beyond.
the rain dripped heavily on the concrete below my balcony,
and i felt an urge to be outside.
i hadn't been out running in almost four weeks,
because of the bootcamp that left me with quads aching
almost too much to walk, let alone run!
but i pulled on my lulus and my running shoes,
and dante's old blue nike sweatshirt
(my favorite for rain-running)
and headed outside.

my breath came heavily and my legs complained
due to my training-hiatus,
and my mind kept saying
"it's your first run back... you can take it easy on yourself"
so that by the time i got near the end of my pre-planned route
i thought i might as well just ease up and walk the rest.
but i remembered something i used to tell myself
in training times past...
finish strong, as strong as you started.
push through and the last kilometer makes all the difference.
my bootcamp instructor had echoed this sentiment when she said
"it's those last ten reps, when you're really feeling the pain,
that really give you results. so do them, no matter what!"

so i pulled my shoulders back, clenched my abs,
and picked up my pace again.
i ran right to the end, thinking all along that
staying strong and pushing through
are things we should be trying to do in every area of our lives.
because if we stay strong and keep pushing
even when something seems hopeless or unnecessary,
that is where we will see all the difference.

in my job, which doesn't seem to have any relevance to my career,
if i push through right to the end i'll have a satisfied employer
and an excellent reference that can help me get a new position
that is closer to what i want to be doing with my life.

with school, if i hadn't kept my head up
and made it through the full five years it took
to complete my bachelor's degree
(even though i was insanely busy my last year)
i wouldn't have a degree to show for it
and all those years would have been wasted.

it often really is the last stretch that matters most,
and it's so important to keep going
even when things are getting too hard.
because if you want to see results,
it's continuing when you want to quit
that's going to get you there.

images from weheartit


  1. What a beautiful & lovely post...your writing is so beautiful.
    And you're right- it's always that last stretch...but you've made it so far, that you just have to keep on going!!
    Good luck with getting back into your runs & finding the career of your dreams...we'll be with you for the journey :)

  2. I love it. You are so right. This is something I need to hear today. Thank you :)

  3. Well if that didn't motivate me, I don't know what will!

    Awesome post.

  4. This is very inspiring and I second Lauren :) xx

    Have a great Tuesday,
    Hope =)


  5. What a great post!!! Always so inspiring. Thank you! xo

  6. Lovely and inspiring post!

    A great reminder that we should always push ourselves (with in limits) to be stronger, faster, better humans both on the running course and life.

  7. This is really good! I enjoyed reading it. I wish I could run... stamina's not quite up for it.

  8. I agree with you. Those running images are beautiful!

  9. This is really good! The pictures are very inspiring too. Makes me want to run :)

  10. What a lovely and inspiring post, Meg, I love it! Thank you for the lesson too!

    Liesl :)

  11. Thank you...exactly what I needed to hear this evening! What a beautiful post - pictures and writing!

  12. thanks once again for your inspiring words of encouragement. the part regarding work was especially helpful for me. your positivity is a beautiful thing!

  13. Oh my god, instantly following. You're words are so inspiring and beautifully written. I love this!

  14. Beautifuly put. I will remember all your good advice.

    Time for a run...?

  15. I am so glad I found your blog. Ot os so uplifting and inspiring. Your words run onto the pages effortlessly and it is captivating. You are my source of inspiration for today, so thank you.

  16. what a beautiful post! Thank you for the inspiration.
    but.. err.. what are lulus?

  17. so inspiring! and so true. running has a way of making everything clear, right? i have a mantra that I repeat in my head when i feel like quitting... over and over I say, "you are healthy, you are strong." it keeps me going. even when I want to quit.

  18. What a great motivating post!

  19. I adore this post! Running has been a major force in my life. You really hit the nail on the head!

  20. i just found your blog, and i definitely needed to read this today. very well said and quite inspiring. thank you. :)

  21. Just found your blog! Wow it is so pretty. All the pictures and graphics are FAB! Stop by and check out my blog if you have the chance:diaperderby.blogspot.com


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