post-wedding bliss

the celebration is over,
but their amazing life together is just beginning.
the wedding was an incredible success
the newlyweds look blissfully happy.
mart & lu have asked that people
refrain from posting photos from the wedding online,
so i want to respect their privacy
and will not be posting photos.

i will tell you that the wedding was
vintage-chic with a little country thrown in.
the bridesmaids wore gorgeous vintage prom dresses in vibrant colors
and carried contrasting monochromatic bouquets.
the bride wore a beaded & multi-layered strapless dress
and carried an enormous bouquet of ruffly pink & white peonies.
the reception was aglow with teacup candles
made by the bride herself,
and bouquets of wildflowers in vintage tins and mason jars
adorned the two long tables.
the food was amazing,
with fruit parfaits and cupcakes for dessert
and all the guests took home strawberry or apricot jam
lovingly made by mart & lu.

of course, the best part was seeing
my little brother and my new sister-in-law so happy!
i could not be more delighted for them.
they are a wonderful couple and
i wish them every happiness
for the future.

congratulations marty & julia!

image from here


  1. So excited for them! xo

  2. It sounds lovely!
    and Fun!

  3. The wedding sounds so beautiful!
    Can't wait to see pictures :)

  4. awe congratulations! it sounds GORGEOUS! :)

  5. it sounds like a gorgeous and cosy wedding day - you've created the perfect mental image through your pretty words, meg!

  6. Anonymous1/6/10

    great to hear this.


  7. this sounds fantastic!
    Wish we could see pics.. but I understand why they wouldn't want them online!


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