the sights, smells, and sounds of a weekend

the rain fell almost all weekend
sometimes big fat drops,
and at other times a barely-there mist
that covered your hair and clothes in dew
if you ventured out into the gray

friday night we visited with artsy friends
...he is a musician and she a painter...
and talked and laughed into the night,
enjoying mojitos and each other's company

in the morning i made my way
into work
and made small talk in many different languages.
i sipped heavenly hazelnut-scented coffee
and counted the hours until i could return home to my love

the afternoon was spent editing and napping
before i headed out to celebrate a new apartment
for some old friends.
wine was shared,
and a rousing game of taboo was played
(we tried not to say certain words and
the girls successfully kept the points away from the boys)

sunday was a day of more rain.
we hurried downtown to meet a very dear friend and her boy
for a celebratory brunch
and spent the morning catching up and making future plans.
a browse through the smallest record store in vancouver
preceded our trek home to relax the afternoon away.
then a wet rainy run
and a dinner of
wild salmon steaks
grilled asparagus
and delicious, crispy, salty kale chips

now as darkness begins to fall,
we edit some more by candlelight
drinking black tea scented with peach, lavender, and vanilla
and listening to our newest jazz record.
soon we'll snuggle into bed to watch a movie
and enjoy some quiet time
before the start of another busy week.

with more rain to come tomorrow,
i am glad i can remember how much i love it.
i hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

all images can be found at weheartit
ps, i've had a few of you ask where we're moving in august,
so in case you missed the announcement...
we are moving to guelph, ontario
...a cute little european-esque town about an hour outside of toronto.
we are beyond excited and i'm sure i'll be posting about
all our preparations as the time gets closer.


  1. I love your descriptive posts and these pictures!

    Have a lovely week,
    Hope :) xx

  2. My life is FULL of curls & coffee!!! LOVE your name. Oh I can smell your hazelnut coffee from here :) I better go put some on! Love your pics!

  3. Great pictures; I think it's supposed to rain this week in Toronto a few times, but I'm sure it won't look as pretty as in those photos ha

  4. I think there's something about living on the West Coast, admist the dense greenery, that makes one love the rain. I can see daily how beautiful it makes Vancouver, so at the sight of rain, I get rather giddy! Lovely descriptions ♥

  5. meg, i always adore your writing...
    and of course i adore weekend filled with good friends and seasonal produce and vancouver weather...
    everytime we pass a record store, i think about your love's music and want to listen!

  6. I love that quote! Its perfect for people like us who live in the PNW!

  7. it rained here all weekend too! that sounds like a wonderful weekend filled with good friends! and good food -- that salmon dinner sounds delicious!

  8. oohh, salmon steaks and asparagus sound great right now!!

  9. i loved your post, so beautiful and well written!

  10. what a lovely weekend recap! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with lots of rain but lots of fun and friends, too. I am a sunshine girl but your post got even me wishing for rain! :)

  11. beautiful post! I love the rain. Probably because I live in AZ where it hardly ever rains. lovely blog. I'm your newest follower.

    nicole visiting from http://lettersfromcoco.blogspot.com/

  12. Love this post :)

  13. your blog is just delightful,
    and i love the pretty imagery in each post.
    tis quite uplifting!
    thank-you so much for sharing your loveliness with the world!
    have fun being wonderful!
    x x


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