curing a bad mood

i've been feeling a bit down
the past few days
(as much as i hate to admit it,
i think it may have something to do with pms)
and today i resolved to snap myself out of it!
here is my recipe for killing a bad mood...

a morning workout
yummy blueberry-banana muffins for breakfast
daydreaming about future plans
puttering & tidying the house
until it's gorgeous and uncluttered!

by the time i left for work,
i was feeling much better.

what do you do to snap yourself out of a bad mood?

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  1. oh i definitely work out to get out of a bad mood and chocolate always finds a way to help out :)

    cute pictures!

    xoxo, jamie

  2. this sounds like the perfect rememdy for a blah mood!

    i usually get a warm cup of coffee. listen to some good tunes. and wander around the bookstore.

  3. call my mom. take a walk. drink a glass of wine (:

  4. Baking, cleaning and a good workout are always a good cure, music always helps for me too.

  5. Chocolates pretty much does it for me. =) It cures bad moods all the time.

  6. I watch Sex and the City, the series. Those girls always put me in a good mood!

  7. read everyone's upbeat blogs!! love it!! :)

  8. call my mom, a big hug, ice creams, reading other blogs...

  9. Sun ~ Gardening ~ Cat...
    or most likely due to the nasty weather of late...
    Bed ~ Book ~ Cat...
    sometimes the bf though he can be a bit much if I'm in a really bad mood! ;)
    {Vitamin D}{Evening of Primrose Oil}{Omega 3}

  10. Anonymous17/6/10

    this is all great i just might start doing this.


  11. Lovely post! And so nice to see someone pulling themselves out of a slump by actively concentrating on what makes them feel positive. Not that there is anything wrong with the occasional wallow, it's just to see someone being overtly and publicly non-wallowy : )

    As for my own blue moods...I find the three B's usually help.

    Ben & Jerry's.


  12. That sounds like a great way to kill a bad mood. I love the picture of the little girl cleaning. So cute.

    When I am in a bad mood I call a friend, eat something bad for me, sometimes i get out of the house and sometimes I just curl up and watch tv or read a good book.


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