monday inspiration

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is from here}
i haven't been in need of any
monday inspiration
in quite awhile,
but being back at work
after only one short day off
definitely requires a little pick-me-up.

so here's a little something that i wrote down
last week during a training session
when i observed one of our older staff members
huffing and grumbling to herself
and being generally unhappy
about being there, and being with all her colleagues,
who she felt were asking inane questions
and wasting her (and everyone's) time.

i wrote...
the most important thing in life
is to be able to be happy with your situation,
at this very moment,
even if it's not a situation you want to stay in.
be at peace with the moment
and find small reasons to smile --
find the humor in every moment.
otherwise your life will become a series
of unhappy moments,
which will inevitably lead to
an unhappy life.

i believe it's very important
to take a deep breath
and be at peace with where you are in the moment.
although i'm working a job that
i don't particularly like right now,
i can be happy that i am well paid
and i have the security of a job
which means my husband can attend school
without us having to worry too much about money.
i can be happy that i have a friend at work
who i can laugh & chat with
and attend yoga classes with
and we can talk & commiserate
about how silly our jobs are,
which takes a bit of the edge off.
i can be happy that my job is only a 10-minute commute
from my home,
when some of the people who live in
the suburbs of vancouver
have to commute over an hour each way
every single day.
and finally,
i can be happy that i have a wonderful husband
and a lovely home to return to
after my work day is over.

what do you have to smile about this monday?



  1. thanks for the reminder to focus on the positive things about my job.. i have been really negative about it as of late!

  2. Awww..I needed this. There are times when I whine and complain to myself about stuff that I am not too happy with but then again I have so many more positive and happy things going on right now that I need to be more thankful for. Have a great week sweetie

  3. I needed this!!! Sending you a hug! XO

  4. love this post. it's so true, we need to always look at the bright side of things and life will be much happier :)

  5. So true. Thank you for reminding me. I can smile that I have a safe place to live with people who really do care about me.

  6. This post! And you, so thank you....very inspirational. And I am not just saying that. Your words are very true.

  7. great post!! couldnt agree more!! xoxo loving your blog!


  8. Found your blog under Meli Faif Life's awards, and love your site! Very inspirational post!

  9. spoken like a true optimist! thank you for reminding me to find the silver lining. it's sometmes too easy to get caught up in the 'bads', and so you're right! time to think about the 'goods!'

    have a lovely day...
    (i know you surely will.) ;)


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